National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Eleanor Conlin Casella

Affiliation: University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Eleanor Conlin Casella is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Manchester, UK. Working in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service, Heritage Tasmania, and the Tasmanian Aboriginal Land & Sea Council, she has directed excavation projects in Australia since 1995, focusing specifically on heritage sites associated with the British imperial transportation of men, women and children to the Australian penal colonies. Her specialist subjects include the archaeology of institutional confinement, household archaeology, and the material dynamics of social identities. Her recent publications include: The Alderley Sandhills Project: the archaeology of community life in (post-)industrial England (English Heritage & Manchester University Press, 2010), and The Archaeology of Institutional Confinement (University Press of Florida, 2007). She is co-editor of The Archaeology of Plural and Changing Identities (Springer, 2005) and Industrial Archaeology: Future Directions (Springer 2005). She has contributed to the journals Current Anthropology, American Anthropology, Industrial Archaeology Review, Australasian Historical Archaeology, Antiquity, International Journal of Historical Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, and Feminist Theory.

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