National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Elizabeth J. Minor

Affiliation: Wellesley College

Elizabeth Minor is with the Anthropology Department of Wellelsey College, and holds her degrees from the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.), and Wellesley College.  Her field of research is the Nubian Classic Kerma Kingdom, and current publication projects include “Faience Tiles from Deir el-Ballas and Kerma: New Evidence of Egyptian-Nubian relations at the foundation of the New Kingdom”, in Gedenkschrift Cathleen Keller (C. Fedmount and D. Kiser-Go, eds., David Brown, forthcoming), and “The Use of Egyptian and Egyptianizing Material Culture in Classic Kerma Burials: Winded Sun Discs” in Luxury Goods: Production, Exchange, and Heritage in the Near East during the Bronze and Iron Ages, (M. Feldman and M. Casanova, eds., De Boccard Publishing, 2014).

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