National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Julian Whitewright

Affiliation: University of Southampton

Dr. Julian Whitewright is a Teaching Fellow in the Archaeology Department of the University of Southampton.  He holds his degrees from the University of Southampton, and his area of specialization is Maritime Archaeology in general, but with a particular interest in the technology of ships and boats ranging from their construction to their rigging, sails and use. This spans from the Mediterranean Bronze Age to the globalizing world of the 19th century and encompasses research driven by experimental archaeology and maritime ethnography as well as the archaeological and historical record.  He has particular interest in the rigging & sailing of Mediterranean ships and boats from the classical and late-antique world as well as in the construction and life of British sailing ships in the 18th and 19th centuries.

"I spent several field seasons working at the Red Sea port sites of Myos Hormos and Adulis under the directorship of Prof. David Peacock. More recent work has been undertaken in the hinterland of Alexandria under the directorship of Dr Lucy Blue. I have conducted ethnographic fieldwork alongside colleagues from Southampton in Egypt, Eritrea and India. In NW Europe my fieldwork is based around inter-tidal remains on the south coast of England as well as working on large archaeological archives of historic material and taking them forward to publication."

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