National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Kathleen Holen

Affiliation: Center for American Paeolithc Research

Kathleen Holen is Co-Director of the Center for American Paleolithic Research, and she holds her degrees from Exeter University and the University of Michigan.  She has served with the Department of Anthropology of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and her areas of specialization are bone taphonomy and tools, cognitive and interpretive archaeology, and human dispersals into the Americas.  For the past three years she has conducted museum collection surveys and analysis of bone modification, since 2006 has worked on an Experimental Bone Modification resarch project in Tanzania and Colorado, and since 1998 has worked on excavations and surveys at Pleistocene sites in North America.  Her recent publication include “Evidence of a human occupation of the North American Great Plains during the Last Glacial Maximum” in IV Simposio Internacianal: El hombre temprano en America (2011), and a series on Great Plains Paleoindian Archaeology and Ice Age Humans in the Americas, both of which she has edited with her husband, Dr. Steven R. Holen.

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