National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Naomi F. Miller

Affiliation: University of Pennsylvania Museum

Dr. Naomi MIller is a Consulting Scholar with the Near East Section of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, and Adjunct Associate Professor with the Department of Anthropology.  She holds her degrees from the University of Michigan, and her area of specialization is archaeobotany, particularly the study of  environment and land use in ancient West and Central Asia.  She has done fieldwork in Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iran, Syria, the Sudan, and Italy, and her main publications include “Agropastoralism and Archaeobiology: Connecting Plants, Animals and People in West and Central Asia” (Environmental Archaeology 18, 2013), and Botanical Aspects of Environment and Economy at Gordion, Turkey (Gordion Special Studies V, University of Pennsylvania Museum, 2010).


See Naomi F. Miller's work in the American Journal of Archaeology.

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