National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Sam Paley

Affiliation: The University at Buffalo

Dr. Samuel Paley is Professor of Classics, at the State University of New York at Buffalo. His specialty is Ancient Near Eastern studies and this is his responsibility in his dept. He received his degrees from Columbia University in Art History and Archaeology and in Semitic Languages, graduating with distinction in 1974. Since 1975 he has been in Buffalo. Dr. Paley has excavated in Cyprus and Israel, where he directed a 13-year long project for the State University of New York, at a site which documented international trade among the Egyptians, Canaanites and Phoenicians. The final publications of that excavation are expected beginning in 2008. He began working in Turkey in 1993, first at Alishar and then at Cadir.

Dr. Paley’s specialty is the relationships between Assyria and the regions surrounding the ancient Assyrian capitals of Ashur, Nineveh and Nimrud. He has authored several books for the Brooklyn Museum and the German Archaeological Institute, on the site of Nimrud, today in northern Iraq. His work in virtual reality reconstructions of Nimrud have been used in Metropolitan Museum of Art and Williams College Museum of Art and his VR web page hosted at Learning Sites, Inc. has over 5000 hits a month.

Dr. Paley joined the Cadir Hoyuk excavation because of his interest in the Assyrian presence in Turkey in the early Middle Bronze period, from the 20th to 18th centuries BC, and Cadir may sometime reward his persistence. Cadir now is approaching its 11th season of field work.

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