National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Simon James

Affiliation: University of Leicester

Simon James is Professor with the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester, and holds his degrees from the University of London.  His areas of specialization include ancient identity, ethnicity and conflict, the archaeology of violence, and Roman, Iron Age European and Partho-Sasanian material culture.  He has excavated widely at Iron Age, Roman and medieval sites in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, and in particular at the Cowdery’s Down “Dark Age” settlement in England and at the Roman garrison base at Dura-Europos in Syria.  Professor James has recently been a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow, is a past AIA Kress Lecturer, and is returning as an AIA Kress Alumni Lecturer for 2016/2017.


See Simon James's work in the American Journal of Archaeology.

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