National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Steven Garfinkle

Affiliation: Western Washington University

Born in New Jersey, Steven Garfinkle developed an early interest in the history and archaeology of other places. His love of archaeology was encouraged by a trip up Masada on his father’s shoulders at the age of five. Eventually, he pursued history and archaeology at Tufts University, where his advisor suggested that he get some field experience in Israel. His first task as a member of the Tel Kabri excavations was to dig a trench in order to bury the water supply for the portable showers. In addition to that important task, during six years at the site Garfinkle participated in uncovering the fantastic Middle Bronze Age palace at Kabri. and unearthing the Minoan frescoes there. Garfinkle completed his Ph.D. at Columbia in ancient Near Eastern studies, writing a thesis about private enterprise in Babylonia at the end of the third millennium. Since 2001, he has taught in the history department at Western Washington University. His children, Jakob and Rebecca, to his chagrin, have shown great interest in ancient Egypt.

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