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Pearce Paul Creasman is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Arizon, and holds his degrees from Texas A&M University (M.A. and Ph.D.) and the University of Maine.  His area of specialization is Egyptology, and he is currently the Director of The Univesity of Arizona's Egyptian Expedition, Curator of Collections for the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, and on the Board of Governors for the American Research Center in Egypt.

Amanda Crompton is Visiting Assistant Professor with the Department of Anthropology, St. Mary's University in Halifax.  She holds her degrees from Memorial University (Ph.D.) and Simon Fraser University, and her research interests are historical archaeology, French colonial archaeology, French fisheries, and trade networks.  She has several articles and book chapters in preparation on the Inuit in Southern Labrador, and French-Inuit contact and exchange.

Eugene Cruz-Uribe was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin and received his BA, MA and PhD in Egyptology from the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.  His dissertation was a study of Demotic legal contracts from the Saite and Persian periods in Egypt.  He worked as a lecturer at the Field Museum in Chicago and as a curator at the Seattle Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the Treasures of Tutankhamun exhibit during the later 1970s.  He was an Assistant Professor in the Egyptology Department at Brown University before he went to Northern Arizona University where he held a number of administrative and teaching positions and is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at NAU.  He also taught Global History at California State University - Monterey Bay.  Currently he is Professor of History at Indiana University East.  He is the author of 6 books, over 60 articles and 40 book reviews dealing with all periods of Egyptian history and culture with an emphasis on the Demotic stage of the ancient Egyptian language and the history and religion of the Late Period in Egypt. He has conducted a number of field research projects in Egypt, working mainly in Kharga Oasis in the western desert, but throughout the Nile Valley including a three year project to record graffiti in the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings.   His most recent field work project is the recording of unpublished Demotic graffiti found at the temple of Isis at Philae Island (Aswan).

For the last fifteen years he has been recording and translating ancient Egyptian graffiti for what they reveal about personal piety, late period religious practices and pilgrimage. He was the recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship in 2007 to continue his studies in Egypt.  In July 2008 he became the editor of the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, the principal journal for Egyptology research in the US. 

He currently Professor of History at Indiana University East.

Michael Danti is Academic Director of Cultural Heritage Initiatives with the American Schools of Oriental Research.  He holds his degrees from the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.) and Purdue University, and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.  His areas of specialization are Near Eastern archaeology, Mesopotamia, Iran, cultural heritage management, museum studies, archaeological method and theory, and complex societies.  He is currently Director of Excavations at Tell es-Sweyhat (Syria) and Rowanduz (Iraqi Kurdistan).  Dr. Danti's current publication projects include "Assyrianizing Contexts at Hasanlu Tepe IVb?:  Materiality and Identity in Northwest Iran" (with Megan Cifarelli, forthcoming in The Provincial Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire) and "The Rowanduz Archaeological Program 2013–14: First Preliminary Report on Research in Iraqi Kurdistan" (forthcomoing, Antiquity).



Dr. Vanessa Davies is a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and holds her degrees from the University of Chicago (Ph.D.), Hollins University, and the University of Notre Dame.  Her field of research is Egyptian art, epigraphy, and palaeography.  Her current publication projects include The Oxford Handbook of Egyptian Epigraphy and Palaeography (co-editor and author, Oxford University Press).


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