Abstract: Mayapan, the last Maya capital in Mexico


This lecture focuses on Mayapan, the Postclassic capital of the Maya world. This city dominated the Maya area between AD 1100-1450, serving as a source of cultural influence over a wide area of the Maya world and also a center for widespread trade. Evidence for this cultural dominance is best seen in the spread of certain forms of architecture and ceramics, especially effigy censers representing deities important to the Postclassic Maya. The revival of earlier architectural forms is one of the hallmarks of Mayapan around AD 1300, a time that different political factions reasserted the cultural heritage in Yucatan. During the last century of the site’s occupation there is evidence of a transformation at the site with inspiration coming from distant sites in Central Mexico and the East Coast of Yucatan. This foreign influence eventually contributed to the demise of the city more than 100 years before the Spanish conquest.


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