Abstract: Lost City Found: Plataiai


Over the course of the last few years a number of major archaeological discovers have captured the interests of scholars, scientists, and the general public. One of the most fascinating questions is “how does an entire ancient city get lost” and how does it merely disappear”. The most common ancient is that it is “just forgotten”. The question also pertains to those sites that are discovered and assumed to have no major physical remains either evident above ground or through ancient commentary from the past. This is clearly seen in the recent re-discover of the ancient of Plataiai, discovered in the 1750s but forgotten due to a lack of interest after very little exploration in 1889. One of the very first sites explored by the American School of Classical Study (1879), recent research and the employment of geo-physical survey methodologies has yielded an impressive city of substantial important, festivals, and the third largest market place in the ancient world.

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