Abstract: Across Seas: Cultural Interchange and Social Transformation between Mesoamerica and the American Southwest


The presentation is lavishly illustrated with images from  Pre-Columbian, Colonial and contemporary craft production to discuss a millennium of interchange between the Southwestern United States and Southern Mexico. In showing how the Pacific coast functioned as a New World Mediterranean, Dr. Pohl demonstrates that  much of the traditional Native American economy in textiles, dyes, precious metals, gem stones like turquoise, shell, and other materials became the basis for an elite palace economy  that integrated peoples from the Hohokom and Mogollon traditions with the Nahua Mixteca-Tradition of Oaxaca through West Mexico.  In so doing Dr. Pohl shows that the American Southwest had just as much of an effect on civilizational development on Mesoamerica as Mesoamerica did on the Southwest and continues to do so today.

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