Abstract: Survey and Landscape Archaeology on Montserrat (SLAM)


Below is a brief explanation of the Survey and Landscape Archaeology on Montserrat (SLAM), from the project website:

"The scope of SLAM is designed to address important archaeological questions about landscape use and transformation, migration, and material culture exchange in Montserrat, and within the broader contexts of the Caribbean and the Atlantic region. Archaeologists working in the Caribbean have long observed the presence of distinct prehistoric island cultures, and the participation of these groups in complex networks of inter-island communication and exchange (Honychurch 1986; Rouse 1992). Likewise, the legacy of the island's historic plantation economy is manifested in the architecture, traditions, and contemporary communities on Montserrat (Pulsipher and Goodwin 1999).

This project examines these histories in a long term perspective by documenting remains from all periods of occupation, from prehistory to the recent past. SLAM also explores the applicability of advanced surveying techniques in Caribbean environmental and archaeological contexts, many of which are well-demonstrated in archaeological survey projects on Mediterranean islands (Cherry et al. 2009) and in Mesoamerican environments (Saturno et al. 2007), but seldom employed in the Caribbean.


See more at  http://proteus.brown.edu/montserratarchaeology/Home

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