Abstract: Opening the Door to the Greek House

Greek houses had a fairly common and consistent plan throughout the Greek world in the Classical and Hellenistic periods.  With a central courtyard that provided light and air to the surrounding rooms, the houses often had their major rooms oriented to the south.  Both the courtyard and the orientation appear to re responses to the climactic conditions of the Mediterranean, but other aspects of the layout of the house are a reflection of Greek cultural norms.

The lecture examines Greek houses of the Classical and Hellenistic periods in order to trace the architectural and decorative features as well as the small finds that give us insight to the every day lives of the Greeks.  The sites of Athens and Morgantina, where the author has studies the houses, are major points of focus in the presentation.


Short bibliography and/or website on lecture topic (for lay reader):

Nicholas Cahill, House and City Organization at Olynthus (New Haven 2002)

Lisa Nevett, House and Society in the Ancient Greek World (Cambridge 1999)

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