Abstract: Four Millennia in an Egyptian Province: Discoveries of the Moalla Survey Project

The site of Moalla, on the east bank of the Nile forty-five kilometers south of Luxor, is well known as the location of the First Intermediate Period tomb of Ankhtyfy.  Surrounding this known site is a previously unsurveyed area of the Nile Valley that corresponds to the northern portion of the third Upper Egyptian nome.  The goal of the Moalla Survey Project is to record archaeological material within this ancient Egyptian province, and thusfar several sites have been discovered, ranging in date from the Predynastic Period through Late Antiquity.  The sites show a diversity of function as well as date, including a predynastic campsite, an extension of the Moalla necropolis, a settlement that flourished during the second millennium BCE, and an enigmatic late Roman desert habitation site. 


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