Lloyd E. Cotsen— 1990 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

Award Citation:

The Archaeological Institute of America is honored to present its Volunteer Service Award to Lloyd E. Cotsen, who served as a dedicated and innovative Trustee from 1971 to 1988 and fortunately continues his participation as a member of several committees.

Lloyd Cotsen has brought to the Institute a unique blend of archaeological experience and entrepreneurial expertise. Initially educated as a historian and architect, he early on was awarded a fellowship to the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. His training subsequently was put to good use as an archaeological field architect on excavations at Lerna, Pylos, and Kea in Greece.

Running parallel to a lifelong fascination with archaeology has been an ever escalating involvement in business.

Following an MBA from Harvard Business School, he took control of a small manufacturing company whose success has been noteworthy. In a fifteen year period, the product's distribution expanded to forty countries worldwide and sales increased thirtyfold. In the process of this expansion, Lloyd Cotsen's organizational and managerial skills were ever more sharply honed; these skills have been shared generously with the Institute.

In addition to a productive business career, as well as a continuing interest in archaeology and service on over a dozen civic boards, this remarkable man also has assembled outstanding collections of Japanese baskets, children's books, folk art, and non-industrial textiles. Viewing the wide range of Lloyd Cotsen's accomplishments, one might suspect that he is part magician. An argument can be made for this assumption if magic is defined as an extraordinary power or influence: several officers happily serve the Archaeological Institute of America today who never dreamed they could be cajoled into their present positions.

Lloyd Cotsen' s refreshingly irreverent and disarmingly unorthodox approach to life has made him a memorable General Trustee. We are grateful not only for the twenty years of largess and guidance from this extraordinary man but also for the dynamic presence on our Board of one of Nature's most beguiling noblemen.


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