Submission Instructions

We strongly encourage submitters to review the Call for Papers as significant changes have been made in recent years. Please note that all submissions must be made by means of online submission forms,.

Accented, Foreign, and Special Characters in Web Forms

When submitting your abstract online, be careful to check accented, foreign, and special characters to see that they render correctly. If they do not, users of Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows can use the Special Characters pop-up tool (Omega icon) on the form toolbar (see below), Users of other browsers and operating systems should make corrections can be made by cutting and pasting from the special character tool, accessible in the Web forms.

Web form toolbar

Greek Text

Submitters who wish to use accented Greek in abstract texts are required to send a legible hard copy to the AIA office via mail or fax (617-353-6550) to facilitate typesetting. Submitters may choose to transliterate Greek, in which case the British Library conventions, as published in Archaeological Reports 45 (1998 1999) inside cover, are to be followed.

Italics, Super- and Subscripts in Web Forms

For users of Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows, italics, superscripts, and subscripts contained in MS Word documents cut-and-pasted into the Web form and/or italics created with the form toolbar (see above) will render properly. Users of other browsers and operating systems should not try to represent italics, superscripts, and subscripts in your submissions. For all submitters whose proposals are accepted will receive proofs prior to publication, at which time italics, superscripts, and subscripts can be reviewed and corrected.

Style Guidelines

Submissions must conform to the AIA Annual Meeting style guidelines (PDF). A full list of abbreviations of titles of periodicals and standard reference works are available online in the American Journal of Archaeology style guidelines (PDF).

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