Michael D. Glascock— 2011 Pomerance Award for Scientific Contributions to Archaeology

Award Citation:

In recognition of his distinguished record of contribution to the advancement of archaeological science, the 2011 Pomerance Award for Scientific Contributions to Archaeology is awarded to Michael D. Glascock. Glascock, Research Professor and Group Leader of the Archaeometry Laboratory at the University of Missouri, is renowned worldwide for his application of methods of elemental analysis to determine the source of archaeological ceramics and obsidian and to reconstruct ancient trade and socioeconomic systems.

Since earning his doctorate in nuclear physics at Iowa State University in 1975, Michael Glascock has been on the research staff of University of Missouri Research Reactor. He established the Archaeometry Laboratory there in 1988, using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) for chemical fingerprinting of archaeological materials. Since then, the lab has analyzed nearly 100,000 objects from thousands of archaeological sites in the United States, Latin America, and many other parts of the world. Glascock himself has visited archaeological sites and collections around the world in order to assist in the organization of the research and selection of samples for analysis. In the past decade, his laboratory facilities have expanded beyond INAA to include other analytical instruments, including X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser ablation ICP mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS).

As a writer, Glascock has been prolific, publishing more than 400 articles in both specialist journals such as Archaeometry and more mainstream outlets such as Science and Nature. He has also been editor or coeditor for several published volumes, including Geochemical Evidence for Long-Distance Exchange (Westport, Conn. 2002), Archaeological Chemistry: Analytical Techniques and Archaeological Interpretation (with R.J. Speakman and R.S. Popelka-Filcoff [Washington, D.C. 2007]), and most recently Crossing the Straits: Prehistoric Obsidian Source Exploitation in the North Pacific Rim (with Y. Kuzmin [Oxford 2010]).

For his outstanding contributions in the areas of research, service, and teaching in archaeological science, the Archaeological Institute of America honors Michael D. Glascock with the 2011 Pomerance Award for Scientific Contributions to Archaeology.

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