2018 Council Election Results
February 2, 2018

The following individuals were elected to the AIA Governing Board and Nominating Committee. 

Governing Board

Vice President for Outreach and Education 

Ethel Scully (Term 1) 

General Trustees 

Thomas Carpenter (Term 1) 

Joshua Gates (Term 1)

Tina Mayland (Term 1)

Anthony Phokion Potamianos (Term 1)

Maria Vecchiotti (Term 1)

Elie Abemayor (Term 2)

David Adam (Term 2)

H. Bruce McEver (Term 2)

John Yarmick (Term 2)

Academic Trustees

Morag Kersel (Term 1)

Elizabeth M. Greene (Term 1)

Mark Lawall (Term 2)

Kathleen Lynch (Term 2)

Sarah Parcak (Term 2)

Society Trustees

Connie Rodriguez (Term 1)

James Jansson (Term 2)

Nominating Committee

Kathleen Lynch (Term 2)

Derek Counts (Term 2)

P. Gregory Warden (Term 2)

James Jansson (Term 1)

Charles Steinmetz (Term 1)

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