Passage to the Underworld: Diros Project Discoveries
November 2, 2012 | by Elizabeth Christian

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Ongoing excavations at Alepotrypa Cave by William A. Parkinson and Michael L. Galaty, co-directors of the Diros Project, alongside their Greek colleauges, have revealed an extensive Neolithic ritual site and surrounding settlement. Over 160 burials have been uncovered inside the cave, surrounded by remnants of painted funeral vases and covered in thick layers of ash, the result of blazing fires lit within the cave’s massive chamber. The cave’s entrance collapsed nearly 5,000 years ago, effectively sealing the burials – and the cave’s living occupants – inside. Dr. Parkinson and his colleagues will be presenting their most current research from the Diros Project at the AIA’s Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 5th, in section 6D, Mani: The Diros Project and Alepotrypa Cave.

To read more on Alepotrypa Cave, check out WBEZ’s article here.

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