AIA-Rockford Society Celebrates 50th Lecture Season
January 26, 2017

Photo courtesy of the AIA-Rockford Society.

On Tuesday, January 24, the AIA-Rockford Society celebrated its 50th lecture season with cake at the Burpee Museum in Rockford, Illinois.  Tuesday night's lecture, "Not Dead Yet! Revisiting the Great Moravian Peak and Collapse", was given by John P. Staeck from the College of DuPage.  Staeck described the rise and fall of what is often cited as the first Slavic state, Great Moravia.  In his lecture, Staeck introduced recent archaeological evidence that has  brought into question previous views of a sudden collapse in 907 AD and suggests that Great Moravia continued to thrive for at least another century.

Congratulations to the AIA-Rockford Society as they celebrate their thriving AIA local society!

John P. Staeck

John P. Staeck

John P. Staeck

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