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I found a bone recently and it looks to be old and it seems too big to be a human bone could I get some help identifying it?


so, looking for a partner on this. I’ve found some really cool, really old (I’m positive), artifacts. Like thousands!! And I think it’s three different time periods! If u read these comments, please email me. 

I got a spice tower and I need help to find out what it is I can't find it anywhere

Across from my farm there is a hill. Its the only one anywhere around.. I have found hundreds of arrow heads, tools and other artifacts that are from many different periods of time.  The most amazing  thing I find is  a lot of rock art. I find rocks that clearly depict different  species of dinosaurs and animals and reptiles present during and before the ice age,,. I have even found many that are carved to look like an "ape like" figure so to speak.  I have found what appears to be fossilized mammoth bone sculpted to look like a woolly mammoth according to Dr. Renoud... So I was wondering if perhaps you would be interested in looking at some or all of my artifacts and giving your opinion. I cant find any info that puts humans  with dinosaurs or apes in America...  I clearly have several peices of proof without a doubt,, I have several hundred if not thousands of muesem quality peices. Thanks alot look forward to hearing from you.

I found a Rock with lots of different colors I would like to know how old and where it might have came from who may have color it.

I have recently found an instrument that appears to be quite old and has very crude construction out of what appears to be a would either Cypress of Lebanon a very old wood and it has hyroglifics and markings on it that appear to be Egyptian I would like to have it looked at but I don't know where to go to identify it

hello, I have many different rocks and fossils. I also believe some to have gems and geodes. i have tried to identify these rocks by myself but end up getting lost and confused. i believe i have some dinosaur or turtle dung, sea creatures, fossils, bone and eggs, among others. if someone would be willing to help me identify a few of them to get me started, I could continue on. i have been told some are valuable, but I am not sure. i am willing to send pictures. looking forward to hearing from someone and thank you in advance.


Respectfully, Hope Dickey

I found this piece near the ohio river in indiana, I think it's an adze have not been able to find much out about the or if any others have been found in the area but would like to know more a out this piece. I think it's over 10" long.

I have these 2 rocks that I found in my dad's rock collection after he died in 1992. One looks like a sphynx. The other like an alien. Could I send pictures to you to explain them to me?

I was wondering, a friend of mine beleives he may have found a native american burial mound. If someone suspects they have found something like that, is there a agency or group they should inform? I seriously doubt my friend will disturb the area, but I wanted to let him know if he should report it, just in case. 

I've wondered for a while if Archaeologists get paid for finding artifacts or if they find the sites to dig up.

Have lots of what I think is really old artifacts. I just started this but done LOTS of research b4 I started and Paleo has already been found. I think I ahve stuff that is older and also some figurines   Would like for professional look at what I have. 

I stay in palestine TX and I have recently discovered a multitude of Indian artifacts that date back to the prehistoric days. They are so old that some have been crystalized over a time period!! I have arrowheads that are translucent I have jawbones with teeth specimen, nutting stones, totems,and more I need help identifying what I have..i am willing to send pictures of them all

I was recently "gifted" a Native American mandibular jawbone consisting of teeth.  I am as to where I should donate the item.  Would it be best suited in a museum or are there reasons to report it to the police? I believe it was recovered during excavation in Illinois.  

I will upload photos when contacted.

Need help figuring out what my sword says


I think I may have found 2 Indian artifacts here at gulf coast beach. I need help finding out if they are. I have pictures of them if you need them. Thank you

Would greatly appreciate any knowledge/ identification of my 3 mazon creek fossils. Usually I take them to the field museum but can't make it up there. Please let me know if I may send the 3 pictures?Thank you.

I have aquiered what I think are Mound Indian Artifacts. May I send you some pictures of these pieces? They Have snakes, and an animal or man as well.

Very Sincerely, Hatch

Don Hatcher

i found a small rock going through my great grandmas things and was hoping to get some answers i am more than willing to send pictures thankyou for your time,


This Rock is Approximately 6 inches wide and 9 inches tall.  I believe original it was just a bit bigger and had sides all the way around it like a square bowl.

A few people believe that it was engraved a very very long time ago as in thousands of years ago,  and then in the last few hundred years, again, by another culture that may have  found  it themselves, and added to the stone on top of the existing  engravings...

They believe the main largest and deepest  character is a Navajo Yei, from the last few hundred years.

. And the far more faint engravings could date back as far as 5600 BCE.  But that is only based on observations via photos with no real evidence to support such..  

The person I got it from says it came from a town called  Greenbriar in Arkansas,  and that there was nothing else around or with it and that he searched for several months after finding it and not so much as even an arrow head.  Just this stone. However,   It does match other sandstone in the area. (As in within a few miles)

I have posted this in several groups and to date after a couple of years of trying, I have not been able to find anyone that can say they have seen anything else like it, or like the images on it.

  I have sent the photos to many people, and not one person can say what it is for, when, or where it came from ..  some say it must be fake because it just not something a person would find in Greenbriar Arkansas. some say, maybe it was a souvenir from 1930's and was just left there, some say it may have been a trail marker....  lots of guesses, but to date I have not been able to find snyone with anything solid.. other than they think the character is Navajo FEMALE Yei.. (because of the square head..) and rhat it looks newer than the rest of the engravings...

There are a few images that really intrigue me..  one in particular looks like a Carrot or some type of root with a handle on it.  I call it the "carrot sword" 

Another thing is there are small surface  holes throughout the stone and kind of remind me of a constellation.  It almost looks as though something may have been in the holes at one time.

On the top center just slightly right is an image that looks very much like a Minoan Crete Bull.  I included a known petroglyph painting for reference.

Yes it is very clean and may have been cleaned by someone..

I'm looking for help to identify what I think may be a petrified eel head. If you respond I can send pics thanks for any help you can give


Hello, I was looking for water in one of the dry rivers and at a depth of 2 meters I found the water pump inside the hole under the sand i found a small stone with inscriptions very strange, I want you Help to see this stone because I think it was engraved before human history 

Found a rock on my property but have no idea what it is. Could I send some pictures so that you may understand what I'm speaking about. Thanks so much.

The stone I have is really weird it is deffebtally a caveman rock it's a triangle rock with a Indian sign on the back of the rock and on the back the it looks like a skull with a feather looks like.

Hello there,

How are you doing? I have got a unique peace something about Egypt history from my grandfather and really don't know how he got this..! 

Anyway, i want to have more information about this and How much does it worth at this moment..! 

If you know anything or anyone who can help me out with this that'd be really kind of yours.

Thank you



I found a piece of petrified log in the woods in chilton co. Alabama a piece broken off has crystasls would that be quartz. 

Hello. I am trying to find out the general value of a Limestone Door Header I own that came from Kansas. It's a totally authentic hand carved piece that was positioned over the front door of an all limestone home built in the late 1800's. It's got the date of 1896 in the middle in a carved frame with a tilted Star in a circle on the left and a flower in a circle on the right, with a carved border around the whole piece. It's very nice, great detail. I know there are meanings for the various carvings. It's about 8" wide by 13" high and 48" long. It weighs upwards of 300 lbs. I can sure give more information and I do have pictures. I've seen other headers with dates on them there in the same area I acuired mine but none of them have any where near the detail and craftsmanship. I also have pictures of some of them. The one I have is unique and exquisite. It's one of a kind.

Thank you and I await your reply.

Lane Frank

I've been receiving things in the mail that seem to be connected to The King in Yellow and The Order of the Two Worlds. I need help figuring it all out. It doesn't seem like something police should get involved with or could do anything about. Each package I've received has come with quite a bit and the main thing I need help figuring out is I'm receiving rolled up pieces of paper with runic looking writing on them. I can't figure out what language it is exactly but the closest I've seen is old Shaman.

i found this the river.its round with four legs on it ..real heavy.any ways asked a porfessor. at iu..all he could tell me that it was really really old..he said even if the water made it like that it would take years and years..just kinda like to know wat it is and how old ..i have pic if u would like to see it ..its werid cause its heavy,,


Kindly please i do really need your help regarding the book i have came from palestine it wasnt so ordinary book

it has hard wood cover which has written jesus as a tilte i guess that made of gold metal and inside of the book the words are written in 3 languages which is English arabic and french and and the back pages it has also the  the first  image of Jesus Christ..hopefully you can help to determine our valuable thing..thanks

I recently purchased an old book with writing I have not been able to identify. The book has wood front and back. I was going to send pictures but I could not see where to attach them. Is there a way I can send you pictures?

thank you

Hello! My husband is from Ecuador. When he was about 15, he was working making holes in a construction site outside of Santo Domingo, Ecuador. He found clay figures about 10-12 meters down in the ground! He kept them and we now have them in our house (17 years later). I’d love to know if this piece is likely Incan or a Pre-Incan civilization. Also, any recommendations on finding a perfect stand and display box for it? It’s about 4 inches tall and seems to be mostly a head. It is cone shaped and has two eyes, a large nose, a mouth and possible arms and legs etched into the shape. The head it flat and almost looks like a hat.

Found this gold colored disc seam all around edges like two pieces together picture images on both sides script lettering jdsha or jdsha on edge man image with out spread arms wearing Snickers holding sword ring around hand man older seated facing man with out spread arms seems like older man is a royal figure strange disc other side a face image with bun hair like Japan ? Anyway just strange found in Raleigh illinois in farmers deep ditch behind our home . would like to send pictures but not sure how Any help thank you !!!

Found heavy old looking.egyptian or asian intricate cravings of 

Hello -

I live in New York but two years ago sold an inherited piece of land in Frankfurt, Germany to a developer. Last week I received information that during the initial digging remnants after an 8000 year old village had been found, along with ceramic shards and skeletons. I still own a larger area across the road from this site  - still zoned for agricultural use (the piece of land I sold was rezoned for residential use). - I am very very curious if there is a source, or any specific book you might recommend for me to read up on how people during the stone ages lived? I am, of course, also wondering if the recent find will affect the property I purchased across the road...

A long time ago my family found a particular set of rocks. They are all shaped to be smooth on all sides with 2 small notches on the edges on some of the edges. While a number of the stones are all the exact same size, the rest of the stones decrease in size in a continual pattern until it gets to be a small stone. There is also one stone found that is a smooth triangle on both sides similar to an arrowhead, while the other stones are about 1 inch thick with the biggest stones. When looked at before they were dated to be quite old, but no conclusive idea what they were years ago when first looked at. The interesting part of the stones is if you take all the big stones that are the same size they can be fit in together to make a octagon that is smooth fitting like a puzzle. If you take all the stones together it resembles a snake. Any idea what they are or what for?

I found what appears to be a clay carved head on a beach in Scotland. It is a side portrait of a bald man with a large nose. It is the size of a medium beach pebble and looks like grey pebble,, but has indents on back that appears to look like where the fingers would hold the clay. I am keen to know more about the head. I have pictures if this helps identify him. 

Found flat rock with print on both sides , prints almost the same from other side , kinda looks Mayan 

A friend of mine found a bowl which was identified from Iran. In fact, he travelled to Iran to see what it was but no one knew. It as a big bowl but it is not very deep. It has chains and triangular looking leaves running to the middle. It looks very old. Can I please have anyone that could help me?

My name is dawn fillbach i have found two rocks i thought were saganite after looking closer. Im pritty shure i found a baby. Bird embrow perfectly preserved. In crystal and the other rock crystal has a small lizzard that looks kind of like a alligator. With a shorter snout and fatter through the body. I want to get them athenticated so i can find out what they are worth need help to find out what to do.


It's amazing to wonder who carved these things. I would love to see them.  I found polar bears, elephants, large cats lots of snakes and birds. Even faces all carved in quartz crystal here in vermont.

Ialso have picture if yont to see

I bought a box of assorted items from an auction, and at the bottom if the box were 2 big Ziploc bags full of pottery pieces and stone tools with a note saying "Masa Verde CO". Who can I contact about getting more information about these items. I'd really like to know more about what I have.

Have several prehistoric hunting tools that are with out a shadow of a doubt have very details images of dinosaurs carved on them.Will send photos if there's a interest but mostly want them put in a natural history museum for the public to view and enjoy..  Sal 

We found a rock near the trinity river estuary that looks as if it is an ancient kind of rock art. How can I be sure?

So i have inherited alot of jade pieces such as necklaces, wrist bands, figurines, even solid jade disc with weird markings and symbols on them. I have taken to them to a appraiser and jewerly shop. They both say that what i have is very much more and i should contact someone that is in the field of ancient jade artifacts. I have a lot of pictures of items and i would like to know what i really have. Especially with the disc's. Please private message me so we can talk more and i can send you pictures.

My husband works with unloading barges of stone from quarries and found this and brought it home to me. I would love to know what material is on the inside.

I believe to have found a dinosaur egg, its a good size about 9in long and 5in high. I want to get it authenticated,  how would I go about that? 


i found a boulder in an area of a known Indian archeological site and can’t understand what it is. 

Wasn’t listed with the other artifacts found as it was quite camouflage when I almost stepped on it. The boulder itself looks to be approximately 3’ in radius and near the center of the boulder protrudes an “anvil” looking flat portion. Both the sides of the anvil and the top flat portion of the boulder appear to weathered the same. I haven’t been able to find anything online. I reached out to the head of my areas archeological Deprtment and after looking at a few pictures she wasn’t exactly sure to what it is. Anyways I can send pictures. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thank you 


You hit it on the head!  What that is, is an anvil!   Used for breaking large pieces into shape.   If I am correct, the platform should be relatively smooth, and all around it will be pitting and holes where the striking tool would hit the surface!

Information on old ring would be appreciated 

A friend recently gave me a green stone carved into an animal. I have pictures and am wondering if somebody might be able to help me identify the animal and the origins of the carving.

Thank you in advance.

It sounds like you have a ancient indian stone carving, by the mound builders. They were experts in masonary work and carved out many effigany animal stones. If you can send me the pic and i might be able to tell you which animal. Me and my husband has found several of these animal stone carvings in Indiana

I found 2 small rocks with detailed drawings on them and what look like stamps

The stone that you have appear to have a stamp on it you are right I have found similar rocks myself with stamps on I live in Cotulla Texas here I have found where Cotulla got his colors from and I have several rocks was ancient stamps one of the ancient Stones I have has a c on it and is used as a stamp I hope this helped you out

I picked up this stone head 30 years ago outside of Shanghai. I found it in an out of the way place just lying in a corner.
Have had it mounted and owned it ever since. Am interested to know about it and eventually donate to a museum if it is such a piece.

I was at the beach and found a rock i took it home and a week later i clean it off and nkw i see a Egyptian face one it could anyone give me any if on what to do

I would love to see it! I believe I have found one as well

If you found the Egyptian artifact here in North America you're the first person to find Egyptian artifact here in North America I hope this will help

Info: Have been in my fathers family for years and on recent trip my sister and I felt it was time to found out more about them.  Two clay statues appear to be fertility (women)  in nature have pics if it would help?  My parents live near Acambaro in Guanajuato Mexico.  We are back in the states and we are just trying to get a starting point to possible origins or any information at all?  Thank you for your time.


I know my area is known for even the first settlers digging up and leveling ancient Indian mounds. 

I have found many stone tools over the years but a few years back I found a very small clay shaped head near crystals and other out if place small stones. I need to know if this item is of importance. It appears to be in line with ancient aztec or Incan or something if that sort altho we are Ohio!  I’d hate to see yet another important site destroyed. The University of Cinti didnt wven do a prooer thorough excavation of the last mound a couple years ago grom what neighbors all report

Though this is only about 1.5inches across you can see his eyelids, the wicen squares all across his cap, you can see the face cover over his nose and mouth, the twiated rooe design of the arched headdress, the same edging on large round ear plugs and more!

can anyone advise me or does anyone have any interest in such items. BTW, in more recent years we inhabited in this area by the Cherokee and the Shawnee and I believe this was long before them.

It could be hard to tell the difference between pre North American Indian artifacts and North American Indian artifacts but always remember the stones on this planet we're used by early humans also United States doesn't recognize sandstone and natural cement as Stone Age stone tools and artifacts we are working on that as we speak and yes what you have is of importance one rock can change history

I bought a very unusual Jade Sphinx vessel at a San Francisco estate sale.The sale also included important Chinese pottery that sold for thousands of dollars and was all encrusted with clay.  The Sphinx is intricately carved with images that appear to be Iberian, and the face looks like a Budda. It appears to be a silk road artifact.


Hello i need your help. I found an ancient book that looks of ancient.egyptian text

 What do i do? 


Hello, We have artifacts that my father discovered on a trip to Curnavaca Morelos in small towns in mexico City , These artifacts were uncovered by accidentto whom can we speak to to verify the aauthencity of these items ?

Info: Have been in my fathers family for years and on recent trip my sister and I felt it was time to found out more about them.  Two clay statues appear to be fertility (women)  in nature have pics if it would help?  My parents live near Acambaro in Guanajuato Mexico.  We are back in the states and we are just trying to get a starting point to possible origins or any information at all?  Thank you for your time.


I would like to know and understand why the Cotzumalhaupa Nuclear Zone at I believe, the Bilbao Mesoamerican site, is called the "nuclear" zone. Please, a simple answer if possible, I am not an archaeologist, I'm just a writer.

Thank you in advance!

Charles J. Louis

I have a very old native american sword. Can anyone help me identify its origins?

I own a Mushroom Stone that was uncovered from the highlands of Guatemala. It is a 30cm tall statuette of a man, crouched and sitting on a tripod base, hand on chin, with a mushroom growing from his head. Although it is a nice mantelpiece decoration in my home, I believe it is better suited for a museum where it can be studied and viewed.  However, I have never had it authenticated.  Please let me know who I can contact to get it examined.

I have a large collection of indian artifacts found near the southern Kansas Oklahoma boarder.   I would like to donate them for study.  All were found in a site of long settlement by anchient native americans.

Hello I am trying to get some help trying to identify some artifacts or find somewhere to go and get a professional to look at them can anybody help me  

I am looking for somone who can help me study up on ancient sumerian mythology and culture. 

Sumerians did not have mythology. They were the first civilization, and mythology is handed down. Their stories are either based on events that took place, or there was an earlier civilization that has yet to be recognized. The more you look into the past, the more you will realize how much of it we got wrong. There is plenty of new science and evidence out there that is not being taken into consideration simply because of the ego of archaeologists. You should investigate for yourself. A good place to start is by googling Out of Place Artifacts. Good luck.


My friend has it in Texas. Trying to find out more about it.

I have a friend who has a petrified rock with a bug on it and a baby bug.Would anyone be interested in this?

we found a copper or maybe brass art piece, Its definently chinese but we dont know where its comming from exactly, we have pictures if you would like to see we need someones oppinion. It looks like from the old chinese era. it would seem to be a monk its not a painting but its made out of something

I know where the lost ark is.please contact me if you can help me find Some one To listen

I need your help regarding archaeology, as we found a number of stone, idol, some strange language written on stone. Also complete foot print on granite rocks and small 7 holes on rocks. I have taken the pictures. Here in comments Windows have no option to attach pictures. Please help me out.

Thanks and regards,

i have a stone that I found in a river bed upstate ny . It has what appears to be a face carved in it. I am looking to find out more about its history and if there isn’t any value to it. 

Hi I found this rock at my job and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what it is, it’s like silver but more shinier like diamonds glistening 

Awhile back, I read that the Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah had stated somewhere, either on papyrus or on a stele or elsewhere, that the western part of the Nile Delta had been unoccupied for generations. Did he make such a statement?

This looks like a piece of turtle or something old with skin still on it. Do you know what it could be? I have pictures but can't attach them.

I was working one day where they were hauling in and out dirt.for building big companies,I'm Florida... Anyway my boss told me to look for. Sharks teeth because it started to rain... So at the end of the day I had found a bunch.. And I also found a piece that looks to be as if it is a dinosaur bone... He told me that there was this guy that used to work for him that had forgotten a missing piece to a dinosaur. And it was worth a bunch of money.. So I believe that I found a dinosaur bone... How can I find out if my piece is defiantly what I believe it is? And it's worth!

what is dowsing rod by L-rod and how can i find gold by thid?

My dad recently passed away and I've taken to some of his antiques. I have come across this picture from back in slavery years very interesting piece of history. I would love to know more expert opinions on where and what it's from. 

Hi I have a few rock I wanted someone to look at I have tried  looking them up on the net but can't find anything like theses is there somewhere I can send pictures 

This is the only one on this planet.

I have part of a head of a vertibrate that is pressurved fossilized flesh. There are blood vessels, muscle fiber, skin with surface texture, a preditory tooth hole, a claw mark and evidence of a wound to roof of mouth that  was half healed at time of death. No one believes me, i cant identify it because it's undiscovered species. Face and size similar to equestrian so i call it Mr. Ed.


Hello, Is it possible to work as an American archaeologist abroad while hopping from job to job? I know that field projects do not typically last long or pay well for those who are fresh out of school, but can one, for example, backpack through Europe and take up any available projects continuously? - Thank You

If dinosuars had better eyes than us and could see more of a color spectrum than us and the colors on their feathers reflected this and went beyond our visual spectrum, if we could see those feathers today how would they look to us?

We found an arrowhead in a storage locker at an auction.  I would love to send a couple pictures to an expert to find out it's origin and possible worth. Thanks!

I have dug up several rocks with images of prehistoric animals and people on them. There are images of snakes attacking snakes, dinosaurs,everythingin their path. Images of cavemen looking at the sky in awe. Images of everything drowning in mud and frozen under water. I want to share this find but who do I contact?

Could i send 2 pictures to an expert to identify what kind of skull we have unburried under and old house in central indiana? 

I am currently writing a fictional novel involving a rescue/salvage archaeology dig that takes place in the Middle East. The book is set in 1984, and the archaeologists in the book have a very limited time to excavate and record as much as they can at the site before they have to leave. I would love to correspond with someone regarding things such as best practices, instrumentation, and methodologies that would have been used in the early and mid-80s. I also have several questions regarding potential obstacles for rescue/salvage digs during that time. Thank you for any help you can provide in this endeavour.

If weathering on the Spinex is caused by rain could it be an example of when the weather changed the Shara desert into a green lush land? A rain pattern that has been documented to change?

I find a lot of small wood carvings in my horses field they are all in the same place in a part of the field where it is quite peaty ground. I've got hundreds mainly birds but some roman soldiers or other animals the field is about half a mile from a roman fort have pics of some but they look better in real life. I clean them then put a coat of varnish on to protect them

My brother in law has uncovered a large amount of mexican artefacts on his property. He is interested in someone being able to authenticate, date and value these pieces. Can you help???

I have what I believe to be a fossil, or some type of "foot" imprint my mother found before I was even born. She found it in a creek bed and I tried to attach a picture of the "rock" but was unable to do so. My mother always wanted to know if it was, in fact, an actual fossil. She's been gone now about 5 years I came across this "rock" as my father was using it for an ash-tray and I would just like to get a professional opinion. Please let me know how I can send you a photo of this stone. Thank you so very much and I hope to get a response from someone.

 Nicole E. Young.


I have a raised design rock that my father took from an archaeological site somewhere. I will post a picture. I would like to find out information about the rock and possibly have it returned to where it came from. How would I upload a picture?

I would like some help in identifying some artifacts. They consist of small clay items. a stone pipe. and a section of sculpture.
I can e-mail pictures.


I recently recieved photos of carved bones possibly from the sand dunes in Venezuela and 2 dagars with sheaths of unknown origin that I would like an oppinion on.  They came from an old man (93yrs old), who traveled to Venezuela approximately 60 years ago and hiked the sand dunes and found the bones in a cave.  He went back to the same site about a week later and  the cave was covered by dunes.  It is unknown where he got the dagars from but he has had them for many years.  Please let me know if I can forward the photos so you can have a look.

Thank you


I'm from southwestern Virginia/northeastern Tennessee, and this object was found more-so in southwestern VA. It's my grandparent's & I was wondering what this artifact may mean/is? It appears to be a paddle (but short, it's hard to explain without showing you, not like a paddle that you'd row a boat with). The laddle part of it appears to be some type of bird etched into it, and the handle has, what appears to be, a stem with thorns coming out of it. I would say it's mountains but like I said it seems to be "thorns". A lot of the stuff my grandparents have, my grandfather actually got out of a burial ground(s) when he was young. We have no idea what it could mean or what it is. I'd be glad to send a picture (if I knew how lol).

Hi guy's,i found strange tube like bone in limestone alone a river, I can't identify.this petrified bones are all tube like,they range about 10mm * 2mm to 100mm * 30mm. I also found graveyard of small snails by the thousands embedded in limestone.can I get e mail so I can send photos 

Do artifacts look different or age different found in sand vs found in wetter soils? And do they get minerial deposits the same? Thanks

I have a petrified wood

Hello my name is Rebecca

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me find out where I could take a scarab rung that my father gave me to see if it is authentic. The ring is amazing and I'm in love with it and I would love to know the history of this ring. But I have looked everywhere and have had no luck. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated! I currently reside in Tampa Florida Thank you all in advance!

Hi, kindly help me identify my stone from a photo that I have.

We found an usual rock in my friend's backyard...What the heck is it? About 1-1/2" by 1-3/4", it most closely resembles a ball of yarn, but that makes no sense, right? The surface is medium brown that looks like someone applied a dark stain to it, to look antique. Weird huh? I wanted to attach a few pictures to give you an idea, but I'm not sure if I can do that here...suzanne miller.



I have noticed in a local strem a large bolder/rock that have multiple indentation (8-12) on top of the rock.. it appears they remind me of a mortar bowl for grinding some down... Is there any other pictures know or examples I can compare these to? 

I have found a bone but i don't no what it and how old

I found what is to believe an old indian tool or hunters tool in a river.  I have contacted Portland State Univ with different departments and they don't want to take a look at or help me.  Who can help me out?  I can take pictures and give measurements

Old well used carved wooden bowl with effigy

I purchased a copper bangle from a random thrift store, it has 6 unknown letters on it, the bangle is copper and a bit worn out and dusty. It has a pattern swirl dragon like design on the sides of the bangle and small 2 turquoise stones. I have asked a few people and one person suggested that it was an archaic version of the Nagari alphabet, an Indic language or it could possibly be Tibetan or something related, another said it can be Hindi. I would really like to know what it says and also know if it's an artifact. Please Help, I would appreciate it immensely! 

Dear Institute,  I have an interesting jug.  I am unable to identify it.  I found something similar, but this jug is in very good condition.   It has red lines and raised sunflowers.  Is there a way to find out about it?

I found some sort of rock it looks kind of like a lava rock but bigger. I was in the country of Guatemala near the Mayan ruins, I am curious to find out what it is? I am not sure if it is rock of some kind, asteroid, bone or what? It looks like it could be any of these things.

i found a round rock a little bit smaller than a golf ball grey or milky white with specs on it smooth but when you rub it it turnes shiny and blue for a while then it turn back to its original colour

I've looked at many images of arrow and spear points from different periods. I'Ve seen some that have close simularitys to mine, including some fluted arrow/spear heads from the Clovis period. Very interested to know what I have. Was found near a waterfall in the smokey mountains. Any input would be much appreciated. I couldn't figure how to attach an image but if I receive a response I will attach to email. Thanks

Hello, I am inquiring for a friend of mine who has been a regular traveler to  Costa Rica for 30 - 40 years. During this time he has collected and or received as gifts many cultural artifacts that are amazing, not to mention the intricate detains of his collection. At present his collection is over two hundred different artifacts, cravings, paintings consisting very intricate art craved in many different types of wood from tree stumps to fine woods. I think many of his items are very valuable and detail the history of Costa Rica as well as Colimbian and the Inca's many items very old and dated. I would like information as to who we could contact to appraise these items, so we can understand the importance of securing these items and protecting the heritage and the history.

Hi, this is my first time on this site.  I am looking for info on a bowl that I have that appears to me to portray a shamanic tranformation.  The bowl was unearthed in Central America and I believe shows the legendary "Monkey God" that is mentioned in the Ciudad Blanca descriptions.  I have tried to contact several archeologists, and the only reply that I received was essentially. "I didn't find it, so I won't waste my time examining it"!  Well, I didn't find it either, it was dug up by a guy getting dirt to make bricks.  If you have any interest, send me your email address and I will send pictures.


For as long as I can remember I have Physically been dreaming of egypt. So without going into the whole story of how it came into my possession..I Know what an Ankh symbolises..BUTTT this is sterling silver with symbols that do not match egyption hieroglyphics..So I was wondering if there wes anywhere I could send a photograph of my Ankh to tell me more about the symbols engraved into it....whether being real or just Art. Xx



My sister found a possible indian artifact, a stone with engravings in it, in upstate NY. Who can we take it to and see if it is and what is means?

Found human teeth fossil in this possible

On our Christmas tree farm located in the Coast Range of Oregon, there is a  small cave through which runs a seasonal creek.
Found a fossil bone there underground, washed atop a sandy beach.

To my amateur’s eyes, it appears to have numerous features unique to anthropoids and bipeds, but with grossly distorted proportions including hugely overdeveloped linea aspera.

Measuring only 110 millimeters long, I discounted this possibility of it being from a hominid, until recently, upon seeing an x-ray of a woman with a dwarfish body plan who had similarly pronounced linea aspera.

Interested? How do I send photos?

I was digging a barbecue pit when I came across a medal with a leather string, it looks casted and not of any modern century, it has a dragon on one side very Viking like and a prehistoric carving looking of a man on horseback with arrow and a bagpipe on back or arrows, and it's pure silver like it's straight from the mine, not 925 like most silver and it's softer. People have offered me some money for it,not real big money but bigger than most would offer for a silver medal, o yes it's about a once, heavy feeling for a half dollar size. The symbols is what amazes me. And the stone color beads that meet the medal two on each side. And I found it in Yonkers NY.

I believe that this may be a fossilized skull of some sort and would really like to find out for sure or where i can take it to have it examined....

The stone spheres (or stone balls) of Costa Rica are an assortment of over three hundred petrospheres in Costa Rica, located on the Diquís Delta and on Isla del Caño. Locally, they are known as Las Bolas (literally The Balls).

Could These ball shaped stones be currency also?

Rai stones were quarried on several of the Micronesian islands, mainly Palau, but briefly on Guam as well, and transported for use as money to the island of Yap. They have been used in trade by the Yapese as a form of currency.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I found a funny looking blue rock whilst digging a well in Freetown, Sierra Leone and I dont know what it is.  I dont want to raise any alarms with the Sierra Leone officials so I wish to seek your help to identify this material. I have a series of photos and would like to share with you. Hope to hear from you soonest.

I am trying to teach an Egypt expert.  I found a rock with carvings in Egypt over 17 years ago, while walking in the sand.  I don't believe it's anything special but...

Who can I contact and share pictures and location details on where I found it.

Thank you in advance

How did the political structure of the Persian Empire influence the politics of neighboring civilization? Also, how did the political structure of the Persian Empire influence the politics in subsequent eras?

im the owner of this old looking chalice with a missing stem. Where the stem would of attached is this old black like adhesive and from what i read romans and other groups like that used a type of black birch tar..or can also see these weird carvings all over it...the piece is copper based I believe, but it looks like its layered see layers of metal when looking down at the lip of the this anything sigmificant..or just crap

Trying to see how old this cross is woth symbols of christ on one side and aliens on other can you help me?

I found a rock on a job site the rock appears to have grown around or solotofied around some kind of manufactured odject it resembeles a screw or bolt it looks very old like whatever ot was is turning into rock or crystal itself i was going to try to break the rock to see if i can get ot out bit im afraiad of destroying the object are finds like this rare or does it happen alot

I was once at a beach up in Maine when I was younger and brought this egg shaped stone with me. Its smooth and a grey and white tone with black spots sorta like indents in it. It also appears to have formed some sorta crystal like specks on it as well. I searched to see what it is and im still not sure. Would you happened to know?

I found a very interesting painted stone on the beach.  It is triangle shaped and appears to be very old.  Who can help me identify it please.  


I was walking up hill here in Traverse City, MI and thought I saw an old dirty Petoskey stone...when I picked it up I thought I saw the number I broght it in my apartment and washed it...I could not make out what it was, so used a magnifier...this old stone has several numbers and markings..I think I see the letter F. These numbers and letters?  are very hard to see...I looked on line and saw a find someone made that looked similar. In the 1800's;. but this stone is now missing; except, for the few pictures taken of it...could what I found be important?  If so who do I show this to?  This stone is oval and fits easily in my hand..color is brown gray.

I found old rings plus some old stuff in mountain graves for hemyares.. Over 2000s years old

How can I verify how old my items

Hello, I was wondering about a curious topic that mostly took my thoughts away . * Does this value anything, found it

In earth one time when i was in a walk near to a montain after a lot of burring I discovred this fabulious object. Once at home I tried to know more about it on the net but didn't reach a single information . I also noticed that is nearly unbreakable concluding this last from many tries in goal to smash it, need to know the name of this blowing-mind rock and more importantly the value. thanks and great's . Hope to contact me very soon

Hello my wife and I was outside cleaning up our yard and found this arrowhead can anyone please help thanks 

I found what I thought was wood in the ocean. Looks to be some sort of large odd looking bone. How can I get it identified?

I'll try to explain the situation well enough.  I'm endevouring to write a work of fiction in which our myths, legends, and stories of magic are more or less "real" but the energy of the supernatural was sealed away long ago, until 1923 when an acheologist goes on a dig (unknown to the wider public) in which he finds a site with carvings and such that suggest multiple cultural influences, and "unlocks" magic from a fount of energy.  Eventually the supernatural makes a comeback in the wide world, and a war between humans and mythical monsters ensues.

For this endevour I need to know some about archeology to be believable--like what tools were used, how the dig went underway and what the process would be like (esp. in 1923) and where a place like this (a fount of primordial "magic" energy) could possibly be.

If you could offer information that would be helpful, answering those questions and offering any other info you might find pertinant, that would be appreciated.

Good Evening. I think I have found ancient fishing weirs using Google maps...(they are fishing wiers, I am just not sure if the are unknown) .from what I can tell they are identical to those in Qimei. I have counted over 50 and can find no information in my research about them being documented.....ever. I have found other interesting finds that connect Qimei to the site in which I located the fishing weirs. I can also imagine a few other pieces of history playing out due to the location and expansion of similar fishing wiers. I am wondering who I talk to to tell about what i have found. It is not in the US......but it is without a doubt a site of a very productive ancient civilization. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I've found a strange thing in the ocean water near the beach. It looks like brown clay candle holder/plate/cup .... Can someone contact me so I will send you pictures and we will figure out what is it ? 

Need help identifying.

Hi so my cousins had a friend who has passed and he had a spiral Notebook and it's got some crazy alphabet or symbols in it as if it were a language and we would really love to know what it is or what it says it's sorta become a thing we've been trying to find ourselves but it's not looking like anything we find we would love to hear from you !

I found a rock in a creek in Missouri it looks like a axe head or something that resembles that. It has a  groove in it that kind of look like your palm where your thumb runs down to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I have what I suspect to be an "ancient" ring that was found in europe. It was found among other items identified as being from the viking era. I was just wondering if I could get some help identifying it. I am not interested in value or authenticity but just wanted some information about the ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


I am working on a project here in Hawaii to identify and map an ancient trail along the coast of the island. This trail is several hundred years old but has fallen out of use for the past few decades.

Besides using old maps, what are some strategies that could be used to identify the route of an old trail?

Is there anything that would happen to the sand/ground/rocks BELOW the surface of the trail after years of use? What would that compaction look like today? What things to look for?

Would the trees (if there are any in that area) provide any record/information?

As far as objects that may have been dropped by the ancient users, how far under the surface would you expect them to be after 100 years? Any tips to find/identify?

I really appreciate any tips you can provide!! Thank you very much for your help.


Hello :D

I recently found on internet this video claiming to have found huge petroglyphs (or something like that) in Krasnoyarsk, Russia ( Do you know anything about that? Are they really petroglyphs? I searched the internet but found nothing about them... if they're really ancient "rock paintings" (like maybe the Nazca ones), is it possible that no one has seen and studied them before? 

Thank you so much.

Hi my name is Domenick and I am 22 years old, I've picked up this strong interest for ancient civilizations after seeing videos on past discoveries. Now I'm completely aware that real life findings are nothing like movies or video games but me and a few friends figured hey why not study research and maybe even try to locate a lost ancient civilization. I know it sounds like we're in over our heads but we don't have our hopes too high, it's just for the sake of education and a little adventure. My question to you is are there even any lost ancient civilizations to be found or have they all been discovered? If not then where exactly in the world should we be looking and research? Your profession is valued by us and we are looking forward to hear back from you as well. Thank you so much for your time!

Hello, I am wanting to inquire about an item that my brother found. It looks to be a very old arrowhead that is embeded in a stone. Please e-mail me so that I can send an expert pictures of this amazing piece! Thanks in advance!

I don't get when the Clovis people roamed the continent.

Many respectable media, among them Encyclopedia Britannica, says 11,450 to 10,950 BP (well, they really say "9500 to 9000 BC", me assuming BP starts at 1950 AD).

Others (also respectable), e.g.Wikipedia, says "13,200 to 12,900 calendar years ago".

I can find several believable references presenting either the one or the other. Difference is roughly 2 ky, maybe hinting a "BC" calc issue.

Q: What is correct? When did the Clovis culture flourish?

Hello, I am a first year Anthropology major at Kent State University. I hope to become an archaeologist someday. I'm currently enrolled in Spanish 1 and 2, but I am considering changing to classical greek and then studying latin. Is this a wise choice? I figured that classical greek and Latin would have a more practical use in the field of Archaeology. I appreciate any advice. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys. 

All my question was erased looking for contact person I have an huge amount of stone tool. Ya erased completely gone

Just want to educate him.. but so surprised! As I feel most people would not find in their lifetime! Should we research and how or where?

My grand daughter found a sword in the dirt in some woods in Eastern PA, Bethlehem.  It looked like it had a bit of blood near the tip.  About 3 feet long but the handle is missing.  Would this be from the Revolution or the Civil war?  Also, any worth?  Although she wants to keep it and play with it.  Where to take for testing? 

I have a friend who aquired a relatively older piece- antique from his father. I was told that it could be from Persian orgins, but was skeptical of it being that old. It looks like pottery or a pipe with people and faces engraved and carved into the side. It's looks clay kilned and old. The faces and people carved are frontal type cannon with more religious type look that later realistics cannons. Makes me think Byzantine. Please email me or call me so I can send pictures in. There is no link on this comment thread.

Hi there,

I've found what looks like it could have been part of a sword or a sword scabbard. I have photos and have given it a wash! Please may somebody contact me for an opinion.

Found on Cape May bay beach: 1" high, 2" wide stone or bone hippo image.

Good morning, I have been finding stones for years and it seems that I'm the only one I'm on my friends and family that see animals in them faces I was beginning to think I was crazy until now... I'm not the only one I'm so glad I found this site. I found a 1 inch by half inch Stone yesterday it's got black dots on it letters on it imprints of stick people and on the other side and image of a Basset Hound sitting up along with a long tan ear.. and when you do find these stones look for more details because its sort of tells a story.. and what blows my mind is that how small these stones are and how they can call these little animals in people's faces on them even deer!! So I'm very happy to know I'm not alone thank you.

In my family we've passed down a ring for generations. Only story ever told about the darn thing was the my paternal grandfather's uncle brought it home along with a couple other souvenirs from the war (might have been in our family longer). Could tell it was bronze from the tarnish and certainly handmade, however, the craftsmanship put into the ring didn't match any industrial era jewelry I'd ever seen. Just for historical curiosity, I hope to hear from someone soon.

I found a stone with weird markings or something just wondering if it's anything

My longtime friend who lives near Aguas Caliente gave me some stones he discovered near his mine  engraved with many signs , figures and pictograph writings.  How can I confirm authenticity and value to history.

I found an unusual object on the beach at Stone Harbor New Jersey in the ocean.  It appears to be wood, old and look like an alligator head. It is about 2 inches.  I have pictures. I don't how to attach them. I am just curious if maybe it is American Indian jewelry. 

I am woundering what to do with a few pieces of poetry that I found in Abrahams ruins in Iraq. I was stationed there about 10 years ago and went through the ruins. Now I'm looking to do something with them. Any ideas?

Hello I found an interesting artifact recently. A couple months ago I found would appear to be a stick with a nipple sticking out at the end of it assuming another piece was supposed to be there. It has what appears to be a totem pole with a Thunderbird a pelican and a mid Western gentleman in his rain gear. Just last week in the same exact spot I found the other piece! It was the handle to the cane that connects perfectly. The cane is weathered has some splits in the wood. Fortunately the cane is still in one piece. Could you please tell me what I have here? Thank you and have a nice day!!

My Dad found this tooth in Lafayette County Mo. 40 years ago. We have it in a box, would like someone to tell us about it.

My husband has a rock with bone in it. Looks like vertebrae. Very unusual. 

I found a rock that looks like it used to be mud a long long time ago and there is an about 2 inch like half a banana and in the broken part is an outer ring that is a darker than then the next ring is lighter then there is a dark gray ring then the middle is a cream colored tan. And on another side is like a bone fragment that's the same color. Any idea what it could be?

Hello, I was given a sword recently. I understand that American Indians weren't fond of swords as choice weaponry. This sword is not a 'flea-market' item though. It was found in an estate cleanout in Pennsylvania yrs ago and has sat in a closet since. The sheath/scabbard is hand made leather with rough stamping(compared to today's standards) and has no signs of mildew or dry rot. The handle is hand wrapped leather as well.  Obviously never left out in elements. The metal has an even coat of rust which, to me, would be a sign of "rough" metallurgy, on account of how intact the leather is. There's an engraved mark on the blade that I can't think would be anything other than Native American style. I took a pencil rubbing of the engraving and have some basic iPhone pictures of the sword and sheath. Is there an expert that I could be put in contact with to find out anything about this sword? At this point, it's an heirloom and am not interested in any dollar value of it. I'm a big time American history lover and this piece isn't even close to anything I've ever seen in any museum.


Sam Cooper

When digging a garden on a job, I came across a large pebble like stone which seems to have some ancient drawing on. The stone looks in to good condition to be true, but can never be too sure.

I have a stone with a face. Seems like it could be Mayan or in a I'm not sure. I can provide pictures if interested, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

Today i think i found an dinosaur egg i need help to identity if it is and what it is heres my email i can send pics

When I was a teenager I found an old ring in the dirt made out of cooper with pyramids on it 

I found something in the ocean water . I think is a Dinosaur or sculpture of a Griffin.


My partner and I bought a nephratiti bust at a car boot sale not too long ago and were wondering about the history of it. It is made completely of granite and we cannot find anything remotely similar online or for sale anywhere else. 

There is a small emblem imprinted on the bottom side of the bust which we only recently noticed and cannot be felt by touch.

It is extremely well made.

Happy to send over a picture if requested. 


Charlotte Thornton. 

Years ago my family and I lived in England.  We were given to sculptures made out of animal bone of a man and woman.  We have had them for years and never have figured out what they are.   Email me if youd like to see pictures.

I have found a rock that appears to have a face carved in it. It looks very old and would love an expert opinion on it and possible orgine or tribe. Will send photos 

Recently in the idaho desert in a badger hole 2 sets of bones carbon dated back to around 5 centuries ago. I was wondering who they go to, currently it is Shoshone Indian tribe land, and does that site become a historical site to be later used for more research or does it just go back to public land? 

i found a rock at Ramapo Reservation with a red drawing on it. 

Hello, thank you for this service. I need some help attributing and dating a beaded necklace I have. I am certain it is of Native American origin, but am not sure which tribe and from when. If someone reaches out to me, I can share a few images that may help. Thank you.

Anyone interested in buying it I have photos 

Thanks Paula :)

Just curious as to how old a vertibre fossil my mother in law found with an obvious flint arrowhead lodged inside. Is there a way to send a couple pictures?

Hello, I'm am an exorcist in Alabama. I exorcised a family last weekend who moved here from Maryland about 10 years ago. While cleansing the property, the lady I exorcised showed me an old weapon ( mace) she found on the land of an old plantation up in Maryland. It had a very dark entity attached to it and I am currently cleansing the item. If I am successful in getting rid of the demonic attachment to the item, I'd like to send it to a museum in Maryland for their collection, since the item is native to that area. I was wondering if there is a way to judge the age of an item by possibly the construction of the chain links? I'm not looking to make money off anything, I'd just like an idea of the age of the item out of curiosity, and if I can nutrualize the item, give it to the original area where it came from. I don't think it ever should have left the state. Just my opinion. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Hello, my grandpa found some "rocks" by the Missouri River a long time ago and these rocks lookmmore like tools from Indian times. I'm trying my best to explain this without sounding stupid but we are just trying to figure out what they are one is possitle a tool used for grinding and one is something questionable. We also have some old fossil shells that would be cool to be looked at and one rock that we think might be a meteorite since it is small and heavier than a normal rock and has some slight magneticness to it. Thanks and I hope you can get back to me soon!

Hello all, 

I have an assignment that requires me to conduct a brief interview with an archeologist that has worked in or around the state of New Hampshire. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful.


Thank you,

Sian L. 


Hello wanted to have a rock looked at believe it has a fossil in it

Bought at auction,old lead indian sculpture, was told it was dug up by a farmer near trail of tears Illinois ,need info on it.   Have pics of it if interested q

I have something my grandma gave to me. It appears to be an old hammer made out of stone and maybe bone. Would be interested in someone to look at some photos for me to see if it is anything of historical significance. Thanks! 

Carved stone or meteorite art work found in Columbia   

Seeking an expert to whom we may send photos in hopes 

that they may be identified. 

We are most grateful for any leads. 

40 years ago, my father found two small figurines outside of Riggins Idaho

One 8s of the 3 monkeys (Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil and See no Evil)

The other is a person hoping a small musical instrument  (Chinese Figure)

I know once upon a time Chinese people were forced to dig mines in Idaho and other area's, I'm just wondering if someone can take a look at these figurines and tell me some history

Any help would be appreciated 

Dug up a wooden native american indian paddle and canoe out of pea river near  samson al. Wanting to know how to get it authenticated  and its value.

I found 3 object in my yard while gardening and I need to know what they are!

The Maine Historic Archeological Sites.And on page 7 of B-2 it says in the list.Excalibur # 3 Sword Find.Number ME003-008 .Is this real and if so .Is there any information on it? Was it a piece of rusted Sword and wear is it ? What museum ? I woud appreciate any information on it. Thank you very much. Sincerly Wayne MacLean

Thank you for taking the time to read this request.

I saw a site I liked but didn't write it down at that time. Now I cannot find it.  It was for virtual volunteering to use my jigsaw-puzzle abilities to virtually match up shards for archaeological sites, both biblical and non-biblical.  Then the archaeologists can virtually piece together the objects without having to spend a lot of time on it, thanks to crowd-sourcing.  

On what websites may I sign up to do the at-home virtual volunteering of matching up shards for the various sources?

Thank you.


Last week, I bought a few leather purses as gift for my friends while visited Spain. The store is in a basement, about 20 Meters away from a famous Plaza.

After we came out of the store, the local guide told us “The nearby Plaza used to be an old church between 1200 and 1811 before it was razed. In 1999, the bones of some 50 people was excavated from the underground crypts”

The history of plaza really kept me worry – Since the basement-store is so close to the crypts, could it be possible that the grave soils contaminated the basement-store through the walls?  Some articles said grave soils from ancient tombs could contain fatal pathogens such as Plaque. What do you think?

Your kind reply will help me to decide if I shall give friends those leather purses.

I recently bought what looks like an Egyptian dagger. Have been looking online and haven't had any luck finding any information about it. The knife is brass and has what looks like a crest on it . Rosewood handle with white round pegs in the shape of two letters x. It all looks hand made and old . I will be more than happy to send a pic. Thank you 

My name is Kenny Smith. I was digging a ditch for my grandmother and I came across some really unique things .for instance lots of rock carvings of people and of animals and lots of hearts .im posarive by what I have found it's special.i myself believe it's a lost city thank u god bless .i think the statues are griffins

Was just discussing isotopic (strontium) analysis of tooth enamel as a way to trace origin for skeletal remains (eg. with K'inich Yax K'uk Mo). What effect will our modern consumption of bottled water have on the ability to use such analysis in the future, let's say, with a person who consumes only bottled water?

Hello there from the UK. I have a question that's been bugging me for sometime now. Have any of you considered your ancestors? Perhaps just going back a few generations? Well I'm going to go back 40 generations. That in a time scale is 1000 years, allowing 25 years per generation. So let's take a look at the numbers. I need 2 parents, my parents need 2 parents, and so on. So going back just 40 generations how many ancestors would I have? These numbers are based on all of my ancestors being single children. 100, 500, 1000? Not even close. It's over 1 trillion, the exact number is 1,099,511,627,776. Down the street where I live the is a lady with Chinese ancestors, a man with African ancestors, a man with Indian ancestors, and finally a lady with Pakistani ancestors. Including myself that is 5 people from different parts of the world. In total that makes 5,497,558,138,880 ancestors from 40 generations. Now, let's go to 42 generations, which takes us back 1050 years. Between the five of us from different parts of the world that makes a total of 21,990,232,555,520 ancestors. This is from 5 totally unrelated people, covering a time period of 1050 years. This calculation also applies to animals alive today, and the extinct one like the dinosaurs. So my question is where are all the bones? In truth the planet should be covered in bones kilometres deep, but it isn't. WHY?

Recently while running on a wooded trial I found what looks to me could be some type of stone tool. I found it close to a small pond. It has a flat end, fits perfectly into my hand, and even looks like it has slight indentations where fingers would have rubbed. Is there somewhere I can send pictures or show someone to see if it's actually something?

Is this bone ancient like a mammoth , or as recent as cattle? It was definitely "filleted" by a "human"

I am looking for someone to buy a beautiful neo-lithic lot of stone idols and hand hammers.  Do you know who I could speak with to see about selling them.  Thank You. 

While fishing on Lake George on 5-20-17, the anchor on the boat drug up a bone. I work at a hospital so our radiology dept and a dr. verified it was a knee bone, but don't think it is human. There are shells imbedded in it and appears to be pretty old. How can I find out what it is?

I have a celtic gold bracelet, passed down in the family that was found in Wiedersee, Ost Preussen (now Poland) A celtic grave was found on the von Weitzel's estate in 1886. Through the generations, we've been told that Baron Hans George von Weitzel was allowed to keep one thing from the find before it was all taken by an archeologist. I'd love to know more about the bracelet, but can't find any online information. Any tips to help? Thank you!

Hi, I have found a sculpture, according to the research I've done, it's apparently a sculpture from the ancient city of Moenjodaro called the "Dancing Girl". One of many that have been discovered.

I just wanted to ask if there is a way to check if it's genuine or just another replica.



My name is larry Davidson I have come across it looks like a rock used for grinding Stones Indians or caveman I would like for somebody to give me some feedback I can send photos thank you

I need help identifying a medallion/necklace founding my father's safe deposit box after he past away.I tried to send you a picture but I did not find a place for attachments Thank you, Andrew

I found a thin copper stamped cuff bracelet in a river in northern Italy, I would like some info on it.

      I have a question. ......I have found a fossiled leaf in lava rock which is still this common? I don't think I've ever seen one. If you have any info about this I would appreciate very much....

     Thank you very much for your time,                                  

     Michael Wheat  e- mail, 

AncientCattle bones are they significant, relateing to the past? Are they worth anything?

I metal detect for a hobby, I love finding history buried in the groud . The other day I had found a brass or copper pendant , around 6-8 inches deep,which I cannot identify. It measures about 2 1/2" long, it looks like a beech leaf with a crest and a sunburst on the surface.I would like to send a photo if I could. I live in Vermont if that helps.

I would suggest that you find a local museum or university to help with the identification.

Hello my name is John and I live in Harrisonville Missouri. Recently I was out searching for mushrooms with a friend and came across what appeared to be after a little unearthing skull of some sort. At first I thought I was possibly delusional but then after a closer look and my mind and or my best guess is that it could possibly be an extremely young and or hatchling skull portion from a hadrosaur. I was curious if somebody might be available to examine it for me because I will not be relinquishing it to anyone before I know what it is. If there's any way you could assist me in this feel free to contact me my phone. The number is 816-738-5214 feel free to text if I don't answer I'm generally don't pick up to numbers I don't know


I would suggest contacting a local natural history museum. They may be able to identify your discovery. You could also contact local universities for help. If it really is a dinosaur skull, it would be way too early for us archaeologists.


sir, Actually i am a electronics engineer, i have very much intrest archaeology&olden history,so i want to know one thing can i do any masters in this department,i amnot a richman,if i get job ican study my favourate ,isit possible ,kindly reply ,this is my humble request


We are not a teaching institute and do not offer classes or degree programs. You need to look up universities that offer archaeology degrees to find out what you need to do to enroll.


CAME ACROSS A ROCK THAT IVE BEEN TOLD I SHOULD GET SOME PROFFESIONAL FEEDBACK ON. so here I am. I'd like to email photos so please contact me back by email so I can forward them to you. Thank you, look forward to your opinion.


You need to contact a local natural history museum or university for help with identification. Dinosaurs are way too old for archaeologists.


My name is Waleed
I found a scorpion carved in a steady rock, showing all the details. I think this engraving belongs to the Jewish or Roman civilization. I want to know the meaning of this sign and what is its significance? I can provide you with pictures of the inscription and the place where it is located.
Thank you all.

Inherited what appears to be very old mabey first century ad need help on getting it authenticated 

The AIA does not authenticate or appraise objects.

Hello, My name is Randi; I'm a Producer with Stick Figure Productions, an Oscar and Emmy nominated production company that's developed and produced films, documentaries and series for over 40 television networks and digital platforms since it's formation in 1999.

I'm reaching out because we're currently developing documentary series in the archeology space and we're looking to attach a few more experts to the project.  I'm hoping we can connect to see if any experts with might be interested in partaking. We're also always on the look out for amazing talent to bring to their air, especially anyone that has a great rapport and a look that would translate well for television (and film).

If anyone their is interested in pursuing this oppertunity, I'd love to chat with you further about your work, as well as ours. Please let me know!



You should contact Past Preservers ( They will be able to help you connect with media-savvy experts.


Last week my husband dug up a stone, 18" tall and 6" on each side. On the top is a face, on one side is a female figure,one side is a skull a a hand, another side is the other hand, the last side is not as distinquishable. I have pictures of it that I could send if possible. I'm not sure who I could get to look at it we live in a very small town. I would appreciate any and all help thanks.

Have we discovered any facilities the Romans used for experimentation? For instance, I am sure their formulation for concrete didn't just appear overnight. Where are these facilities? How were they used? What was their personnel selection process like to staff them? The same for water wheels, medicine, surgery, metalworks.

I found a strange looking stone in my yard.It looks like a something a caveman would use to hunt with. It's 9" long, very smooth and rounded at one end, and pointed at the other, and fits my hand grip perfectly. Would you like to see a picture of it? Send me an address to send it. Thanks Rich

I am currently planning on attending a university that offers a history major but no archaeology/anthropology major. Would I be able to pursue a career as an archeologist with an undergraduate degree in history?

Yes, you will be able to pursue an archaeology degree with a history background but it does mean that you may have to take general anthropology and archaeology courses in grad school.

I found a stone in a field close to near my house when I was out walking my dog. I picked it up because I thought it looked unusual or was some kind of fossil When I showed my father he said that the markings on it and the outer area of the stone had been carved. The markings look like a strange flower/ starfish. Who can I show to get more information on it? 

I would suggest that you try finding someone at a local university that would look at it or look up local historical societies. Some of their members may be able to help you. Local natural history or science museums may also be able to help.

We were out hiking and found several bones that look as if they're vertebrae.  I wonder if there might be someone whom I could send a photo,  that might be able to tell me what animal they belong to?  

I suggest contacting a local natural history museum or university.

Who do i contact about an archaeological discovery i found in Antarctica

Hi, my name is Samantha and I am currently a senior in high school. As part of our physics class, we are asked to write a career paper about a profession we find interesting. Mine being Archaeology. That being said, I would like to ask just a few questions. 

1. Can you describe your daily duties?

2. How did you pick this career?

3. What is your favorite part of the job?

4. What is your least favorite part of the job?

5. Would you choose this career field if you had to do it again?

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer my questions and I look forward to hearing back from you!

What is this? I cannot find anything remotely close to it. Not on the internet or library. I would like to send a picture but this site wont let me attach. My email is I also have a Q that needs an A on a rock that has mathmatical equations on it.

What is done to keep often ancient old micro organisms from returning into the modern world and is there literature on this topic? Thank you. 

Has there ever been any follow-up investigation of the allegedly pre-Harappan cities discovered about 18 years ago in the Gulf of Cambay? I can't find any articles more recent than 2006. What is the current opinion on the authenticity and age of the site?

<p>What are some of the things archaeologists look for when determining whether a site is a good dig site or not and what key factors play a role in researching certain sites? &nbsp;How often does information from laymen&nbsp;resources assist an archaeologist in finding sites to examine, (any info from non-archaeologists such as someone out walking comes across an artifact spurs a major archaeological dig)? &nbsp;If a site is on public land vs private land what can be done to preserve the site?</p>

Hi I am Amr from Egypt . Some one I know just found an ancient book made of gold and every page contains a face of a person and some ancient words . The book consists of number of gold plates attached together by three gold circles . The book seems Christian . 

Thank you and I hope you reply soon 

This sounds something similar to the Mormon books...?

I have bought two what looks like african art and just wanted to know what they are and their history they are two female head and they are a bronze in color looks like mabey sisters or twins 

Discovered in creekbed in northern calif.

Hi, I'm a student studying symbols for research purposes. Archeology was the closest and most accessible field of experts I could find for expert opinions. In expert archeologist knowledge what are thought to be the most "powerful" symbols around the world. The list doesn't have to be long or anything just informative. I wish to set up an experiment to test if perhaps the symbols scientifically help objects endure trials to see if perhaps there is change between objects bearing different symbols. 

I've exhausted avenues known to me researching symbol/figural interpretation, specifically animal figures.  A left facing beaver w/extremities pronounced in same area recurs in relief on stone and individual cobbles. The left rear foot is always raised to just below the left eye.  This is the only one of several occurrences on land in my family unresolved. Can you suggest some reference material. Mostly AmerIndian, many have been duplicates of Neolithic anthromorphic figures.


Hi I have a stone I came across and the previous owner passed away prior to passing he had the stone appraised at Yale university they claimed it was worth about 30,000 but didn't have any dates etc. I called the university by they no longer do appraisals or dating so I am really in need of help to determine what this stone is and what era or date and of course the value of it?? Could you please help me?

The AIA does not appraise artifacts and discourages the purchase and sale of ancient objects.

Can you tell what term or phrase is used to describe the phenomenom of building over ruins or old cities/civilztions. 

Would like to know what the stone I found is

I would suggest that you contact local archaeologists either at your State's Historical Preservation Office or at a university near you. 

The church I go to owns a large plot of land that has an area on top of a large hill with what looks like an old family graveyard. There are a couple of old rocks that resemble headstones marking about three spots. I would like to get some historical information about this area. Who could I contact for more information or to do some on-site research for me?

Check your local library and talk to the librarians. They will be able to point you in the direction of books or reports that discuss local history and the development of your area. Contact local Historical Societies. They will most likely have records that could help you. You could also try to find local historians at a university near you. An online search may give you access to digital records. Good luck. 

I am looking for some info on a giant oyster fossil it weighs 18 lbs. 13.5 inches long. It was found in Cental C.A.  I have pictures and more details per request.

Thank you, Selene

Your fossil sounds amazing but the AIA is not the appropriate organization for you. I would suggest contacting an organization like American Geosciences Institute or the National Park Service. They work together on programs like National Fossil Day and will be able to help. 

Hello, I have just recently made a discovery that I thought someone on this site may be able to help me understand. If you could guide me to someone I could send pictures to I'm sure it would help, but I believe I have found some extremely old batteries in the historical grounds of my woods, though I can not seem to find any such thing online. If you could help me clear this up I would be extremely thankful as this has gotten my curiosity going.

Hello, I am a senior at a Chicago highschool and I am curious about the field of archaelogy, more precisely environmental archaeolgy. I want to obtain information about the job straight from the source. I am interested in finding out what a typical work week is like. What kind of qualifications does one need, and what kind of job options are there for someone interested in archaelogy. I want to know as much as possible about the life an archaelogist. Thank you! 

Hi Karolina,

This is a rather large topic. I would suggest that you check out the information that we have at You can also look at for more information. For specific information on Environmental Archaeology, I would suggest that you contact universities that offer this as an option, like University of North Texas (

Good Luck!


Hello and thank you for your time!

Years ago, I saw on the news in North Carolina that a huge pile of swords was found to have been buried in the north east. Maybe on native peoples land, I can't recall. But I cannot find  ANYTHING about it anywhere on the internet. Does any of this sound familiar to you?


Thank you so very much foryour time =)


Sincerely, Kathy Mace

Frazier Mountain California


I have been assigned a project on use wear. I figure I can create a stone tool myself or analyze a lithic collection.. I am just stuck on what I should do? Do you have any good ideas for me? I am completely drawing a blank.


Thank you,


James C.

What do you consider to be the most important new points developed in post-processual archaeology, and in what ways are they still relevant to archaeology today?

I live in Trinity county in the town Weaverville CA a place that holds so much history the gold rush. Chinese indentured servants, Native americans, massacres, and battles as well as lost treasures and artifacts. and the county has every type of mineral and gem stone that is found on earth. I found what looks like an arrowhead or maybe a tooth of some sort and if anyone can help me i would really like to know what it is please. Thank youI live in Trinity county in the town Weaverville CA a place that holds so much history the gold rush. Chinese indentured servants, Native americans, massacres, and battles as well as lost treasures and artifacts. and the county has every type of mineral and gem stone that is found on earth. I found what looks like an arrowhead or maybe a tooth of some sort and if anyone can help me i would really like to know what it is please. Thank you i cant figure out a picture on this but can send pic via email if anyone is interested in seeing what it is

Dear Dustyn,

I would suggest that you contact your local Historic Preservation Office ( They should be able to offer you further guidance.


Hello. My husband and I have a sculpture about 12 inches in height. It is maybe Mayan, depicting a man sitting criss cross with hands on his knees. Two other hands look to be opening the sleeves of his shirt and letting two snakes out, one for each arm. He looks to have something horizontal attached to his chin, has his ears stretched out with gauges and has a headdress with rope looping on either side. We have scoured the Internet trying to figure out what this sculpture could be. Any suggestions on what I can do to learn what it is?

Dear Veronica,

I would suggest contacting a local university that has faculty who work in the Maya area. They will be listed under anthropology or archaeology depending on the school.

Good luck!


Hi. Found you online and wanted to know if you could help me figure out what & roughly how old this is. It's a lead sculpture that weighs over 2 pounds about 5 half inches long & 3 inches wide. It was dug up in Illinois by a farmer plowing his Fields " Mennonite farm near the town of Anna by the Trail of Tears ... looks Indian but the sculpture headpiece looks different .. Any input would be totally greatly appreciated. Thanks ... got pics of you want to see them

Dear David,

I would suggest that you contact your local Historic Preservation Office or a local university. They will be able to offer further guidance in this matter.


Hello, I was just wondering if there have been any findings of a lost Greek god of essentially kama or balance. The name should be at least pronounced I des ill iss, possibly even spelt that way in English. I'd really appreciate any sort of intell on the subject and if there is none sorry to be a waste of your time and please accept my gratitude for your consideration.

Experience archaeologist would you direct me .      To get this hammer I found embedded inside of rock. Trying to get the knowledge of the hammer Thru the right steps and hands.


Dear Abraham,

I would recommend that you contact your local Historic Preservation Office. They will be able to offer guidance in this matter.



Hello. I live in Murrells Inlet,SC and found what appears to be an old coin on the beach just after the recent hurricane. It was covered in corrosion and rust and I have been holding onto it since and decided to soak it in white vinegar. I only soaked it for a short time before it began revealing blue fiberous material on both sides. I am afraid to go any further with it before asking an expert what to do next. It's clearly a coin or medallion of some sort that has obviously been under the ground or sea for a very long time. I have heard tales of pirate ships using that area long long ago and am very curious as to whether I have found something valuable or not. 

Dear Julie,

I would suggest that you contact your local Historic Preservation Office about the coin/medallion. The AIA does not work with objects that are not part of an offical archaeological project. Also, we would never assess a monetary value for any artifacts. That would go against our Code of Ethics.


I found something that looks like a rock but after cleaning it and I had it tumbling for a few days it looks like a petrified piece  of the insides of a body part with red meat and blood vessels  and a bone going through it.  I would gladly end a picture.

Thanks Chris    

Hi Chris,

It would be better to contact a local university that has a geology department. They would be able to provide more information and maybe even id the object. Sending us a picture will not be as useful.

Good luck!


Where there giant skeletons found?

No, archaeologists have not found the skeletons of giants.

I found what I think is a old tomahawk head but ant sure I would like for some to tell me about it..I've been told that it's a very rare find if you could email me and I can't send you pictures of it...

Hi Perry,

It would be better to contact local archaeologists or your state's historic preservation office. They will be in a better position to discuss local finds.

Am a student at Makerere university in Uganda and am interested in scholarscholarships enabling students yo study archeology abroad because archeology is my life personally..thank you so much.


The AIA does not offer scholarships for studying archaeology. I would recommend that you contact universities that you are interested in directly.

Good luck.

I am a B.E. Computer Science engineer, but I love archeology. Is there anyway I can enter archaeological field?

Yes, Yogesh, you can absolutely enter the archaeological field. I would suggest that you explore the possibility of attending a field school or volunteering on a project to get a feel for the discipline. You can also look into MA programs in archaeology.


Today i found what appears to be an old mortar and pestle if you could email me i can send pics

Hi Dustin,


It would probably be better to contact a local archaeologist at your State Historical Preservation Office or through a locl college or university.

I'm doing research for an article on the importance of names in ancient Egypt, focusing on the naming of children. I am having trouble finding reliable sources concerning naming rituals and the signifcance of names for children who are not of royal birth. Do you have a list of experts I might I contact or resources I could use? Thank you.


We could not find anything specific about children's names in Egypt but this book would be a good resource for names and a starting point for your research--Ronald J. Leprohon The Great Name: Ancient Egyptian Royal Titulary.

So I am a senior in highschool and I am very interested in becomeing an archaeologist. Where can I go to look up good colleges and ways to eventually recieve my docs? And what can I do in the mean time to study the subject and possibly do some hand on expirence?

Hi Montana Rose,

I would suggest that you look into attending a field school. We have a list of opportunities at Or you could try to find a volunteer position with a local dig. This will give hands on experience. As for colleges, there are a lot of good programs out there. Where you go will depend on what you want to study. In the meantime, check out some of the information we have at

Dear Sir/Madam

This is regarding the sbmerged city in Gujrat,India,has been named as Dwarka.Kindly inform me following:

1.What is the archeological history of the submerged city?

2.How old is the city?

3.Some history about it.Like the people there and the rulers

4.Was Lord Krishna was a ruler?Or it is purely a mythology?


Dr Prashant Mukherjee

Hello- My son has been looking for a book entittled Attis: King, Priest and God.  He has been looking for years. It pops up on Amazon and EBay at 175.00 a pop.  He has paid the money only to not have the book sent to him which results with him getting a refund and no book.  Not sure if this is a scam.  The book is written in Italian, but a few copies were in English. i have never seen a book so hard to get.  I understand it is out of print, but you'd think someone, anywhere, would want to sell their copy at such a high price.  Have you heard of this book? Can you tell me anything about it? are there other books that delve into this cult?  My son has had no luck in this matter.  Thank you.

Hello- What is the best way to determine the age of steel?  



     My husband found a bunch of old arrowheads,  tools, etc  out where he's working. He's a fencer and was building a fence for some man who bought some Native American land and was gives permission to keep the things he found. Im just wondering if they are real ancient artifacts or if they are frauds. I don't see a way to post pictures here but if you could email me, I'd love to send you some. 


Thank You,

Abby Perez



Hi Abby,

It is very likely that they are suthentic. You should contact a local archaeologist about the discovery. One resource would be the State Historic Preservation Office for your state.


I need to know if what I possess is a piece of jewelry and if so when was it made and what is it worth if you email me I will be glad to send a pic

Hi Armando,

The AIA does not authenticate or evaluate objects. I would suggest that you contact a local jeweler.


Although it's very interesting when we learn things from history, I just think we have something in the present that all that money can be spent on. I promise I'm not trying to argue or minimaize the work done, but don't you think the money would be better spent on hungry children today? I'm not a liberal but I am a mom. Thanx so much.

Dear Mary Beth,

This is a tough question. If the only choices were archaeology or hungry children, hungry children would win out every time (and rightfully so). The reality is that we spend money on a whole variety of things that we consider important in addition to feeding hungry children. Research (including archaeology and history) is critical to advancing human knowledge. Disciplines like archaeology and history help us to better understand human behavior over the years and  this knowledge allows us to address many of the current issues that we face. Also, the amount of money spent on archaeological and historical research is actually quite small. 

Can archaeologist kept what they found for themselves? 

No, archaeologists do not keep what they find. Generally, artifacts and any other archaeological materials belong to the country in which they are found.

Hello! I'm a student of the Cicerone Program (think beer sommelier). I am currently studying history and was curious about ancient symbols for this old school beverage. What is the oldest known symbol for beer? How did it evolve over time? (Sumerians, Egyptians, etc)  Thank you!!

Hi Sean,

Take a look at this article and check out some of the other essays that Patrick McGovern has written. He is an expert on ancient beverages. Here is the link:



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