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Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 8
A rare find made for an exciting week, and we learned more about medieval and post-medieval ceramics in Ireland.
Living or Dead?
Do you know if these archaeological sites built primarily for the living or the dead?
IAD 2018 Spotlight on Auckland, NZ
Our partner, Auckland Council, just completed their 2-week Auckland Heritage Festival 2018 which included several IAD events. Mary Kienholz provides us an eyewitness account for two.
US or Canadian National Park?
National parks are great places to find out more about archaeology. Do you know which national historical parks (or monuments) are operated by the US and which by Canada?
Where in the World?
Can you name the modern country that each archaeological site is located in?
Name the Maya Site
With a few clues, can you determine which Maya archaeological site we are hinting at?
Fun Facts about Petra
The first week of trivia wraps up with questions about the rose-red city. Test your knowledge and learn some new facts!
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 7
Despite a slow week with a lot of the same old, we found some interesting red clay pottery sherds.
Name the Archaeological Site
Can you name the sites described? Check back each weekday from now until IAD to try new puzzles. 
Fun Facts about Machu Picchu
How much do you know about this mountaintop archaeological gem? See how many clues you can solve!
Archaeological Math Trivia
Use your archaeological knowledge and math skills to solve today's puzzle.
Fun Facts About Stonehenge
Test your archaeology know how and learn some new fun facts about Stonehenge.
Ferrycarrig 2018: Summer, Week 6
We reached record-breaking temperatures this week, which was orientation for the new group of IFR students.
AIA 2019 Calendar for Sale!
The AIA 2019 Calendar, A Year of Archaeology, is now available for sale.
AIA Tours: Human Origins in South Africa
In September, an AIA Tours group visited South Africa, one of the most important places in the world for our understanding of how human beings evolved.

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