Dispatches from the AIA

Dispatches from the AIA, a regular feature in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, reports on the latest initiatives and programs undertaken by the AIA and its 110 Local Societies. Dispatches is a great way for AIA members and ARCHAEOLOGY readers to learn about the Institute and how the support of members and donors enables us to fulfill our mission of informing the public about archaeology.

AIA Welcomes New President, Officers, and Trustees at Annual Meeting in Toronto; AIA Pleased to Announce New Research and Fieldwork Grants; Lecture Program Begins Spring Schedule; Join a Society Today; International Archaeology Day Continues to Grow; AIA Award Winners
AIA Invites You to the 118th AIA-SCS Joint Annual Meeting in Toronto; International Archaeology Day Continues Rapid Growth; Hear about the Latest Archaeological Discoveries at an AIA Lecture; Become an AIA Member Today!
AIA Site Preservation Grant Awarded to Digital Preservation Project at .atalh.yük, Turkey; AIA Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada; Bartman Scholarship Recipients Announced; AIA 2017 Calendar, “A Year of Archaeology,” Now Available; Become an AIA Member Today!
AIA Site Preservation Included in List of Best Preservation Ideas from Around the World; AIA-Boston Society Supports “Eating Archaeology”; AIA at EAA Annual Meeting; International Archaeology Day is October 15, 2016; NPS Is Official Sponsor; AIA Announcements and Deadlines
Cotsen Grants Awarded to Archaeologists Working in Italy and Peru; International Archaeology Day Celebration; AIA and Hilton Worldwide Award Site Preservation Grant to Moroccan Site; Become a Member Today!
2016 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation Presented to Historical Society in Vernon, New Jersey; Conservation and Heritage Management Award Presented to the City of Toronto and ASI; AIA Holds Second Conference for Heritage Educators in San Francisco; AIA Award Winners
AIA and ASOR Convene Summit on Cultural Heritage Issues in Syria and Other Conflict Zones; AIA Fellowships and Grants: Spring 2016 Deadlines; More than 2,400 at Annual Meeting in San Francisco
IAD Celebration Largest to Date; Pyramids win ArchaeoMadness; AIA and Boston’s Museum of Science Team Up for Fair; 2016 Calendar Available
Follow Field Projects through Interactive Digs; Lecture Program; AIA-SCS 117th Joint Annual Meeting, January 2016, in San Francisco; Educators Conference at the AIA-SCS San Francisco Meeting; We Value Your Support; Join the AIA during the Fall Membership Sale; Society Outreach Grants
Site Preservation Grants Awarded to Projects in Greece and Chile; International Archaeology Day Is October 17, 2015; AIA-SCS 117th Joint Annual Meeting, January 2016, in San Francisco; First Bartman Scholarship Recipients Announced; 120th Year of AIA Lecture Program Gets Under Way in September; Upcoming AIA Funding Opportunities


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