The Lynch Site and 13th and 14th Century Ethnogenesis on the Central Plains

Lecture by Dr. Douglas Bamforth, University of Colorado Boudler Plains farmers settled at the Lynch site in northeastern Nebraska during the latter decades of the 13th century, in the midst of a wave of social change and dislocation across the mid-continent as Cahokia collapsed and drought spread widely over much of North America.  In contrast […]

The Etruscan helmets from Vetulonia: new evidence for the life of an Etruscan soldier

Lecture by Dr. Hilary Becker, Binghamton University Greek and Roman sources help us to visualize Etruscan armies fighting against the Romans, but since no Etruscan literary testimony or histories has survived, little is known about the Etruscan military. A group of approximately 125 bronze helmets of Negau type were buried in a votive deposit outside […]