ArchaeoCon-tent: Interviews

Check out interviews with famous archaeologists about their work at sites worldwide! We’ve got conversations with people like Alexandra Jones, Darron Patterson, Patrick Hunt, and more which will educate you on the many kinds of work archaeologists are doing here and elsewhere.


Dr. Alexandra Jones

Affiliation: Goucher College

Description: Join AIA Director of Programs Ben Thomas as he interviews historical archaeologist Dr. Alexandra Jones, and find out what her other career options were in school. Here’s a hint: anatomy and osteology classes still would have been pretty useful!

Dr. Patrick Hunt

Affiliation: Stanford University

Description: What do Hannibal, the Carthaginian general, and Ötzi the Iceman have in common? AIA Director of Programs Ben Thomas interviews archaeologist Dr. Patrick Hunt as he discusses these two men of the past, and why he himself does archaeometry in the dangerous conditions of the Alps.

Heather Hurst

Affiliation: Skidmore College

Description: What’s it like to do a 7,000 piece puzzle to piece back together an ancient mural? Find out in this 2023 ArchaeoCon Interview with Mayanist and Skidmore College Associate Professor, Dr. Heather Hurst!

Dr. Debby Sneed

Affiliation: California State University, Long Beach

Description: In this exclusive 2022 ArchaeoCon interview, Dr. Debby Sneed discusses stumbling on a rather famous Greek myth: that they let disabled infants die rather than raise them. AIA Director of Programs Ben Thomas asks why “grotesque” Hellenistic figurines captured her archaeological imagination and catapulted her into studying disability in Ancient Greece.

Dr. Kara Cooney

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles

Description: Check out this conversation between Ben Thomas and Dr. Kara Cooney! What can we learn about material culture, history, and crisis from coffins, including the practice recycling old coffins for reuse? Dr. Cooney puts a new spin on studying funerary practices in Ancient Egypt, and brings it all to us in this 40 minute interview.

Darron Patterson

Affiliation: President of the Clotilda Descendants Association

Description: ArchaeoCon interviewed a non archaeologist for the first time! Join AIA Vice President for Outreach and Education Laura Rich as she interviews Darron Patterson, past president of the Clotilda Descendants Association and the great-great grandson of ‘Kupollee,’ among the last 110 Africans to be illegally enslaved in America, and hear how archaeology can have powerful effects for modern communities. 

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