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Easter Island and the Polynesian Culture of Craft

Lecturer: Jo Anne Van Tilburg (University of California, Los Angeles)

Description: The moai of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) are so well-loved you even have an emoji of one on your phone: 🗿. Join Dr. Jo Anne Van Tilburg (UCLA) as she presents on the past, present, and her hopes for the future of these iconic statues. 

Seeking the Unknown with Josh Gates

Lecturer: Josh Gates (The Discovery Channel)

Description: In this informal lecture, TV personality Josh Gates shares what inspires him to continue to learn and explore in the world of archaeology. He also answers numerous questions from the audience, including many that you may have for such a well-traveled, well-informed person.

Women and Power in Ancient Egypt

Lecturer: Dr. Kara Cooney (UCLA)

Description: Why did Ancient Egypt allow women into power so regularly and systematically? Learn about Egypt’s “female kings” and the research that has lead to understanding more about them in this ArchaeoCon 2021 presentation by Dr. Kara Cooney.

Stonehenge–New Light on Its Ancient Secrets

Lecturer: Mike Parker Pearson (University College London)

Description: One stone, two stone, greystone, bluestone! Stonehenge is built of a variety of types of stones, but where did these stones come from and what were they for? New information is being discovered about this ancient site all the time, as archaeologist Mike Parker Pearson tells us in this thrilling lithic lecture.

Egyptomania–Fashion’s Conflicted Obsession

Lecturer: Darnell-Jamal Lisby (Cleveland Museum of Art)

Description: Who owns ancient Egypt? Can fashion designers crib from early Egyptian imagery without being accused of cultural appropriation? Darnell-Jamal Lisby explores this question and more with contemporary and historical garments as well as art and architecture!

The Murals of San Bartolo: A Maya Masterpiece in Pieces

Lecturer: Heather Hurst (Skidmore College)

Description: MacArthur Genius and Gugenheim fellow Heather Hurst has cumulatively spent years in excavation tunnels deep beneath pyramids piecing together the murals buried by the ancient Maya at the site of San Bartolo in Guatemala. Join Dr. Hurst as shares her perspectives on the incredible Preclassic Maya murals of San Bartolo as an archaeologist and an artist who creates illustrations in contexts where other methods of documentation fail.

Behind the Scenes with “Drain the Oceans”

Lecturer: James Delgado

Description: If you took all the water out of the oceans, what would you be able to find? James Delgado asks this, and explains how he got to be the guy draining rivers, lakes, oceans, and other bodies of water to look at what’s underneath. Learn about the tribulations of maritime archaeology and how technology has vastly improved our ability to do it.

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