Artifact of the Day Submissions

International Archaeology Day Collaborating Organizations, use this form to submit images of artifacts from your collections if you want them to be featured in this year’s Artifact of the Day program on social media.

PLEASE NOTE, we will not publish images of human remains as an Artifact of the Day post. All images submitted for Artifact of the Day must have appropriate contextual information and conform to the AIA’s publication policies (see below). Posts may be edited for clarity, but we will reach out to you if we make changes.

Artifact of the Day

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Be sure to include "#IADArtifact of the Day", #IAD2021, and your Twitter handle (i.e. @archaeology_AIA) as they all count towards the character limit. Example: The @VeteransCurationProgram processed this projectile point from the @PortlandCorps Dalles Lock and Dam. It looks like it was made from a regular rock but was actually made from petrified wood–a common material for stone tools east of the Cascades in WA. #IAD2021
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Example: Tomorrow’s #IADArtifact of the Day is coming from @ThisStellarGroup. The Stellar IAD Group is a regional museum dedicated to sharing the history & cultures of the Mysterious Foothills. You can find them on your next trip to Mysteryville, Nevada or online at

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