Membership Incentive Plan

The Membership Incentive Plan is designed to help societies generate more income. For every member you recruit, you will get cash back! All society officers should have received forms for this promotion. If you are interested or know someone who is interested in becoming a member—please contact your society officer—or you can contact the Membership Department.

Please note that if “Basic” appears in the category description, the membership includes Archaeology magazine.

Membership CategoryRateYour Society
Basic Membership (includes Archaeology)$70$20
Basic Membership + AJA$150$45
Membership + AJA$150$30
Membership w/ No Publications$70$20
Basic Student Membership$40$5
Basic Student Membership + AJA$90$5
Student Membership + AJA$90$5
Student Membership w/ No Publications$40$5

* Society benefit is one-time for each new member.

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