Raymond L. Den Adel— 1997 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

Award Citation:

To learn the meaning of service, one may look at the life of Raymond L. Den Adel. A member of some 40 organizations that pertain to his interests in classical studies, archaeology, his church, Rockford College (where he taught for 30 years), the Rotary Club, and his Dutch heritage as a native of Pella, Iowa, Ray has done far more than pay the substantial dues to all the organizations he has joined. His curriculum vitae is filled with the titles of assignments he has accepted in these associations. It is typical of Ray that he has been willing to serve in the humblest jobs as well as in the distinguished offices of president, vice president, executive director, or chairman.

Here we focus on the service he has offered to just one of these institutions, our own Archaeological Institute of America. For more than 30 years, he has been a passionate worker on behalf of the AIA, beginning with his role as founder (in 1968) and perennial officer of the Rockford Society. Under his leadership, the Rockford Society became one of the largest and most active AIA Societies of all time, famous for its festive banquets and its record-breaking attendance (over 50,000 people came to events during the 30 years of Ray's guidance), as well as the sheer number and variety of its activities. His commitment at the grassroots level of the Local Societies led to his appointment to national governing organizations, including the AIA Council (which he actually first attended as a delegate in 1966), the Executive Committee (1976-1982) and its successor, the Governing Board (1990-1994). He continued to be a force on the Governing Board in his election to the important position of Vice President for Societies (1994-1996). He never declined the call for service on the many committees of the AIA, and thus was a member of the committees for the Lecture Program, Membership, Nominating, Regional Symposia, Kershaw Prize for Outstanding Local Society, and others. As a lecturer on the national circuit (1981-1985), he made yet another significant contribution to the Institute.

The degree of commitment to the AIA that Ray has demonstrated seems all the more remarkable when one considers that he has performed similarly for a number of other organizations, and further, that his life as a volunteer was anchored in his academic and professional responsibilities. Having received an M.A. from the University of Iowa in 1959 and his Ph.D. in 1971 at the University of Illinois at Urbana, Ray held teaching positions at various institutions, including Pella High School, the University of Iowa, the University of Illinois, and finally Rockford College, where he spent the greater part of his career. There he became chairman of the Classics Department in 1967, achieving the rank of full professor in 1975 and, upon his recent retirement, that of professor emeritus. His publications show a striking range of interests, from Caesar and Sallust and the Roman emperors to various topics in etymology and archaeology, including a study called" Alexander and the Pella Legacy," in which he reflected on the ancient city of Pella, which had the same name as his own birthplace. It is characteristic of Ray that many of his publications are pedagogical or didactic, and demonstrate his desire to help others perform their jobs well.

The Archaeological Institute of America has deemed it appropriate to reward Ray Den Adel for his distinguished service in this year of 1997, in which the form of recognition has for the first time been entitled the Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award. The charge to those selecting the honoree cites the standard for volunteer service to the Institute set by the Joukowskys, and specifies that the Distinguished Service Award should be bestowed on those who have improved the effectiveness of the AIA and increased public understanding and appreciation of its goals through their sustained and exceptional service. Raymond L. Den Adel, the Archaeological Institute of America wishes to acknowledge by means of this award the unbounded devotion you have shown to the organization. We wish to recognize the strength of counsel and character Ray has brought to our tables, and the grace, dignity, and good humor with which he has endured the inevitable battles that are fought when important decisions are at stake. We wish to cite especially the range of his services and the length of time he has labored on behalf of the AIA, and the inspiring example he has set for us all in the way he created and built a Local Society and served its members- the individuals who are at the heart and soul of the Institute. With this award we wish to make a formal statement of the great affection and appreciation the many members and Societies of the Institute have for Raymond den Adel. The Archaeological Institute of America is extremely proud to present the Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award to him as a sign of its enduring gratitude for his commitment to the highest missions of the organization.

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