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The Site Preservation Program provides grants of up to $15,000 to support innovative projects that aid in the preservation of threatened archaeological sites. The AIA currently supports projects on five continents.

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Umm el-Jimal, Jordan

Every year, thousands of irreplaceable archaeological sites are destroyed by development, looting, vandalism, warfare, environmental changes, and irresponsible tourism. The AIA Site Preservation Program works to safeguard the world’s archaeological heritage for future generations through direct preservation, raising awareness of threats to sites, education, and outreach, and by facilitating the spread of best practices. Learn more.

Adopting Narce (Italy) Project

“The number of sites needing preservation may seem daunting, but with the AIA’s approach of preserving sites through not only conservation but also outreach, we can educate millions of people to care for their heritage sites.” - Paul Rissman, founder of the Site Preservation Program

You can help save our archaeological heritage by supporting the AIA Site Preservation program.

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    Heritage, Conservation, & ArchaeologyHeritage, Conservation & Archaeology is a series of original articles written by experts across the many disciplines related to site preservation.

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    The AIA Site Preservation Program has supported 30 Site Preservation projects on 5 continents!

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  • Saving Sites

    Don't think a $25 contribution will make a difference?  Think again!

    The AIA's approach to site preservation through outreach and education allows us to make a maximum impact for minimal costs.

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