Lecture Flyer and Website Contest

Communicating information to the public about upcoming events is one of the main goals of each society. The primary methods are through distribution of flyers and a society's website. The AIA would like to reward the societies that are producing the best flyers and website. Full details for each contest are available below.

AIA Local Society Website Contest

Deadline: November 1, 2018

The AIA encourages each of its societies to create a website that provides information about the AIA Local Society and the AIA, lists upcoming lectures and other events, and encourages people to join and get involved. The Society that has presented the best-designed website will be recognized at the Society Breakfast at the Annual Meeting. There will also be a cash prize of $200.

The website's home page must include:

  • The AIA logo (2006 approved version).
  • Full name of the AIA Local Society after the Institute's acronym (AIA).
  • The overall design of the website must be visually dynamic and creative in the use of graphics.
  • The information presented must be clear and well written.
  • Double check grammar, spelling, facts and figures.
  • The site must be user friendly.
  • All links must work properly.
  • The site should include contact information for the local society and a link to the main AIA website.

To enter your website in the AIA Local Society Website Contest, please contact: Meredith Langlitz at the AIA Programs Department: mlanglitz@archaeological.org.

AIA Lecture Flyer/Poster Contest

Deadline: November 1, 2018

The AIA encourages all its societies to produce informative and creative lecture flyers or posters for society lectures. Send your best efforts to Meredith Langlitz: mlanglitz@archaeological.org. The Society that produces the best lecture flyer or poster will be recognized at the Council Meeting at the Annual Meeting. There will also be a cash prize of $150.

Criteria for submission:

  • Only flyers and posters from the 2019 calendar year will be judged.
  • The flyer/poster must include:
    • The AIA logo (2006 approved version).
    • Full name of the AIA Local Society after the institute's acronym (i.e., AIA-Local Society Name).
  • The flyer/poster must be clear in communicating its intent to the audience.
  • The flyer/poster must be readable from a distance.
  • The flyer/poster design should combine both text and images/graphics that are dynamic and appealing.
  • All images should be clear and sharp.
  • Posters should communicate the vision of the AIA and the benefits of participating in an AIA Society.

Flyers should be sent to the attention of Meredith Langlitz at the AIA headquarters as an e-mail attachment to mlanglitz@archaeological.org.

2018 Lecture Flyer and Website Winners

Lecture Flyer Winner
Western Illinois

View Flyer

SW Texas Website

Website Award Winner

Visit Website

Past Winners of the Lecture Flyer and Website Contests

2017 North Alabama (flyer)
Toronto (website)
2016 Boston (flyer)
Westchester (website)
2015 Vancouver (flyer)
Southwest Texas (website)
2014 Southwest Texas (flyer)
Tucson (website)
2013 North Alabama (flyer)
Houston (website)
2012 Central Florida (flyer)
Denver (website)
2011 Vancouver (flyer)
San Antonio (website)
2010 New Brunswick (flyer)
San Diego (website)
2009 Central Missouri (flyer)
Hawaii (website)
2008 Boston (flyer)
Cincinnati (website)
2007 Western Illinois - Monmouth (flyer)
Rockford (website)


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