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The wide-eyed owl was once the mascot of Pallas Athena, guardian goddess of Athens and patroness of the arts, crafts, and science. Today, the owl is the mascot of the Archaeological Institute of America. “What symbol could be more appropriate for a discipline in which the computer and magnetometer have joined the trowel and surveyor’s rod as essential tools, and the results of pollen analysis and thermoluminescence dating are as significant as pottery sorting?” remarked AIA Past President James Russell.

The Institute is honored to introduce an elegant necktie steeped in ancient tradition, which features the beloved creature—its likeness inspired by an image emblazoned on a fifth-century B.C. Athenian coin. The authentic English striped necktie was hand sewn in the highest quality pure silk by Ben Silver, whose classical style has attracted the attention of sophisticated clientele.

AIA Members and archaeology enthusiasts alike will delight in donning this luxurious neckwear. Order here by credit card, or contact Jennifer Klahn at 617.353.8709 or to order yours today!

Proceeds benefit the mission and programs of the AIA.

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Price: $110.00

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