AIA Lecturer/Host: Kathleen Lynch

Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Cincinnati

Kathleen Lynch, Interim Department Head and Associate Professor of Classics at the University of Cincinnati, is a classical archaeologist with a focus on ancient Greek ceramics. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, and has worked on archaeological projects at sites in Turkey (Gordion, Troy), Greece (Athenian Agora, Corinth, Pylos), Italy (Morgantina), and Albania (Apollonia). Kathleen’s research considers what ancient ceramics can tell us about their use and users. Athenian figure decorated pottery from Athens is her specialty, and a recent book, The Symposium in Context (2011 ASCSA Publications), won the AIA's 2013 James R. Wiseman Award for best publication in archaeology. It explores the kitchen cupboards of an Archaic Athenian house.

At Cincinnati, Kathleen teaches Mythology, Classical Civilization courses, Greek and Roman archaeology, and graduate seminars on topics such as Pausanias, the 2nd century A.D. traveler, Greek iconography, and ancient art and art history. She has been a lecturer on the AIA’s national circuit for many years; is an AIA Academic Trustee and is on the AIA Annual Meeting Program Committee; and serves as the Treasurer for the AIA’s local Cincinnati Society. Kathleen has lectured to excellent reviews on four previous AIA-sponsored cruises. Some of the topics she expects to address during our Black Sea voyage include Greek colonies in the Black Sea, the Jason and the Argonauts myth, and ancient views of eastern "barbarians."

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