Mikael Adolphson
Mikael Adolphson (Ph.D., Stanford) is Keidanren Professor and Chair of Japanese Studies at the University of Cambridge. A premodernist, he was inspired by the similarities between medieval Europe and Japan to focus his studies on pre-1600 Japan....
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Paul G. Bahn
Dr. Paul G. Bahn is a leading archaeological writer, translator, and broadcaster in the field of archaeology. He is a Contributing Editor of the AIA's Archaeology magazine, and his article "Cloning Altamira" (Archaeology, March/April 2001) focused...
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Elizabeth Bartman
Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Elizabeth Bartman (Ph.D., Columbia University) was trained as a classicist at Brown University (B.A.) and received her graduate degrees (M.A. and Ph.D.) in art and archaeology from Columbia. ...
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Colleen Batey
Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Colleen Batey’s childhood passion for archaeology led her to Durham University, where she received her doctorate. Her research interests focus on the settlement and burial of Scandinavian...
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Jo Burkholder
Dr. Jo Burkholder is an archaeologist whose work focuses on cultures of the ancient Andes. She has excavated at several different sites in Peru as well as along the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Jo has travelled widely in the Andes to better...
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Deborah Carlson
Deborah Carlson, President of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin), is an archaeologist specializing in trade and seafaring in the ancient world. She has assisted in the direction of both terrestrial and...
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Claudia Chang
Claudia Chang (Ph.D. State University of New York, Binghamton) has taught anthropological archaeology at Sweet Briar College in Virginia since 1981. She currently specializes in Central Asia, and has conducted archaeological and ethnographic field...
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Joan Breton Connelly
Joan Breton Connelly is Professor of Classics and Art History at New York University. An archaeologist who has excavated throughout Greece, Kuwait, and Cyprus (where she has directed the Yeronisos Island Excavations and Field School since 1990), her...
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James Delgado
Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host James Delgado is an archaeologist, historian, museum director, and preservationist who has written extensively on underwater archaeology with some 32 titles including his most recent book,...
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Steven Ellis
Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Steven Ellis (Ph.D., University of Sydney) is a Roman archaeologist who is actively involved in the archaeological research and publication of urban and sacred sites in Italy and Greece. In Italy...
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