AIA Lecturer/Host: Nejib ben Lazreg

Local Tunisian guide and archaeologist

Dr. Nejib ben Lazreg is an archaeologist and researcher with the Institut National du Patrimoine in Tunisia. He is the Curator of the Salakta Archaeological Museum, the Lamta Museum, and Roman sites in Tunisia’s Sahel region (Leptis Minor, Thapsus, and Sullecthum). Nejib’s area of specialization is Tunisia’s Roman and Early Christian mosaics, though his career has also spanned other topics such as Punic, Roman, and Christian necropolises; and Roman pottery kilns, baths, and houses. He has conducted archaeological surveys in central Tunisia and excavations mainly in the Roman port cities of Leptis Minor, Thapsus, and Sullecthum, but also occasionally in the Kairouan region. Some of his major discoveries in Tunisia include an underground 4th-century Christian chapel and catacombs, and the mosaics of Venus (A.D. 300) and of the birth of Helen and the Dioscuri (A.D. 400), at Leptiminus (Lamta); the 3rd century A.D. athletes mosaic and 6th century A.D. mosaic-covered baptistery at Thapsus; and Christian catacombs at Sullecthum. Nejib was the AIA’s Kress Lecturer for 2009-10, and led this AIA tour of Tunisia to excellent reviews in 2012 and 2013.