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Industrial Religion: The Saucer Pyres of the Athenian Agora

by Susan I. Rotroff

American School of Classical Studies at Athens (December, 2013)

<p>First discovered in the 1930s by Eugene Vanderpool, the &ldquo;saucer pyres&rdquo; of the Athenian Agora remained a mystery for over 70 years, until Professor Susan I. Rotroff turned her attention to these deposits 10 years ago. Each deposit consisted of a shallow pit, its floor sometimes marked by heavy burning, with a votive deposit of pottery and fragments of burnt bone, ash, and charcoal. In <em>Industrial Religion: The Saucer Pyres of the Athenian Agora</em> (<em>Hesperia</em> Suppl. 47), Rotroff investigates the nature of the saucer pyre sacrifices, taking into account the contents of the pyres, their spatial distribution, and their relationship to buildings around the Agora and elsewhere, arriving at a startling conclusion.</p> <p>Read an interview with the author <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p> <p>Purchase the book (print, Ebook, print+Ebook bundle) <a href="">here</a>.</p>