ARCHAEOLOGY Archive: Member Access

As of May 2021, all active AIA Society members have full access to the digital archives of ARCHAEOLOGY magazine. Thanks to the generous support of an AIA donor, we have partnered with our digital provider to scan all past issues of ARCHAEOLOGY from the first issue in 1948 to the present. Society members can explore any issue and discover which stories the magazine covered throughout the years.

Over time, we will develop curated reading lists to help our users quickly find topics of interest. In the meantime, check out these recommendations from ARCHAEOLOGY magazine editors:

Jarrett A. Lobell – “The Great Egyptian Crocodile Mystery
Eric A. Powell – “Maya Superstates” and “The Beginnings of Mural Painting”
Marley Brown – July 1976 Issue
Daniel Weiss – “Images of the Ice Age”
Benjamin Leonard – “Golden House of an Emperor”
Malin Grunberg Banyasz – “Naples Underground”

How to Login

Society members will need to be logged in to the AIA website to view any digital issue in the archive. Access is available via “My Account” or from links on this page, once logged in. If you need to recover your username or password, please contact the Membership Department at or (857) 305-9351.

Once you enter the archive from the AIA website, you will have access for 24 hours from that device. After that time, you will need to login and access again from your AIA account dashboard.

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