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When you join the Archaeological Institute of America, you’ll be joining a group of individuals passionate about archaeology, protecting the world’s cultural heritage, and disseminating archaeological research. As a member, you’ll be eligible to apply for our distinguished fellowships and grants, 29 of which were awarded in 2018. You’ll also be the first to know about special events and public lectures in your area. In addition, you’ll receive our flagship publication, ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, which captivates a worldwide audience with the latest news in archaeology. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also receive exclusive discounts at museums, hotels, amusement parks, theater, and other entertainment events through our affiliated benefit programs. Don’t hesitate – join the world’s largest and oldest archaeological organization in the United States today and get connected with thousands of other members who share your passion for archaeology.

The membership contribution portion of each membership category is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Publications are not tax-deductible as contributions but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. All profits from publications support the AIA.  $16.00 of your annual membership dues are allocated to a one-year subscription to ARCHAEOLOGY magazine (published six times per year), and/or $80.00 of your annual membership dues are allocated for a one-year subscription to the AJA (published four times per year). Therefore, $54 of a $70 membership that includes ARCHAEOLOGY magazine would be considered tax-deductible. $14 of a $150 membership that includes ARCHAEOLOGY magazine and the AJA would be considered tax-deductible. No refund is given for canceled memberships.

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Without AJA With AJA
Supporting, 1 Year $70.00 $150.00
Student, 1 Year $40.00 $90.00
K-12 Educator, 1 Year $40.00 $90.00
Military, 1 Year $40.00 $90.00
Lifetime $4,000 $5,500

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The AIA is North America's largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to archaeology. The Institute advances awareness, education, fieldwork, preservation, publication, and research of archaeological sites and cultural heritage throughout the world. Your contribution makes a difference.