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The AIA directly supports the excavation of archaeological sites throughout the world and the study of ancient material cultures through a variety of grants, scholarships, and fellowships available to both students and archaeologists in the field.


The AIA strives to educate and inform the general public about archaeology and the importance of cultural heritage through general interest and academic publications, lectures, tours, and many other public events.


The AIA advocates for the preservation of cultural heritage worldwide. We take a stand against to looting of ancient sites and the illicit traffic in antiquities.

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The AIA is North America's largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to archaeology. The Institute advances awareness, education, fieldwork, preservation, publication, and research of archaeological sites and cultural heritage throughout the world. Your contribution makes a difference.


The AIA is unique for its service to the world’s cultural heritage, the professionals who seek to recover, interpret, and preserve it, and the public who has an undying fascination with the past.” ,,

- Elise Friedland, George Washington University, Former President of the AIA Washington, DC Society

…in Texas, in the past decade there have been numerous state budget cuts to education with humanities being hit the hardest. Without the support of the AIA our Classical Archaeology outreach day would not have been successful. It allowed us to combine the strengths of high-schools and universities under a common cause. It allowed us the opportunity to enrich the students learning and to foster AIA’s connections with the community at large.

- Hannah Friedman, Assistant Professor, Classics, Texas Tech University, President of the AIA Lubbock, TX Society

The cost of conference attendance, despite dedicated funding from my home institution, adds up quickly and can present a real financial hardship. The AIA's support helps to close the gap between overall costs and institutional funding, and makes it much easier for me to participate in the scholarly community of the AIA.

- Lara Fabian, Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, AIA Graduate Student Travel Grant Recipient

I'm fortunate to live in an area where the past is still very much present, both as archaeological remains and in the person of today's descendants. AIA offers local members the opportunity to place our past in a worldwide context and better appreciate what makes New Mexico unique.

- Paula Lozar, AIA Santa Fe Society Member,

ways to Give

annual Fund

A gift to the Annual Fund helps the AIA fulfill its mission to promote an informed interest in the cultures and civilizations of the past and advocate for the preservation of the world’s archaeological heritage.

grants & scholarships

Support a variety of programs that include travel and field scholarships for students, fellowships for junior and senior scholars, excavation grants supporting work in the field, and publication grants.

planned Giving

Support the AIA through a bequest in your will, as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or an insurance policy, or through a charitable annuity or trust.