Archaeology Abridged

Join us for these live lectures featuring different archaeologists throughout the year. Each lecture offers a short, thirty-minute talk on a variety of archaeological topics. The talks are free, but registration is required. Most lectures will be recorded and available via the link below!

Archaeologists You Should Know

We asked archaeologists, historians, and classicists: who are the archaeologists the public should know? These profiles share the life and work of important archaeologists, and celebrate the excitement of archaeological discovery. Most recently, we featured City Archaeologist and Director of Archaeology for the city of Boston, Joe Bagley. His fields of research include urban archaeology, community archaeology, historical archaeology, and Native archaeology.

2022 Annual Meeting

AIA and SCS have been working on detailed plans for our 2022 joint Annual Meeting, which will take place January 5-8 in San Francisco, California. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are planning for our first ever hybrid conference. Hotel bookings for the conference are now open; registration will open in mid-October.

International Archaeology Day

International Archaeology Day 2021 is Saturday, October 16, 2021! Join us as we celebrate archaeology and its contributions to society online and around the world. IAD programs provide a chance to uncover the past and experience the thrill of discovery. Click to learn more about upcoming and ongoing events and activities for this year!

Archaeology Magazine

ARCHAEOLOGY has been published continuously for more than 70 years by the Archaeological Institute of America, which is dedicated to supporting archaeological inquiry and to fostering the pursuit of knowledge about human heritage. The March/April issue of ARCHAEOLOGY explores how Peru’s Chachapoya people built a formidable mountaintop citadel and buried their dead in cliff-side cemeteries. Other features include the story of the rise of a Visigothic city in Spain, a look at the enigmatic "T-doors” of the American Southwest, and the forgotten history of a 2,500-year-old spice trading power in Saudi Arabia.

American Journal of Archaeology

The AJA, one of the world's most respected journals devoted to Mediterranean archaeology, has set the standard for archaeological scholarship since 1885. The July 2021 issue brings readers articles about Minoan gold artifacts, two terracotta balls likely used for sortition at Morgantina, and fragments of Roman sculptures from Hadrian’s Villa. Open access content includes a letter from Editor-in-Chief Jane B. Carter about a new statement of purpose for the AJA, as well as a field report from the Fourth Expedition to Lachish, an archaeological note about the depiction of cupids in the Piazza Armerina in Sicily, and a necrology for the pioneer of underwater archaeology, George F. Bass.

Archaeology Abridged

Archaeologists You Should Know

Annual Meeting

International Archaeology Day

Archaeology Magazine

American Journal of Archaeology

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