Archaeology Fairs

Family-oriented archaeology fairs are a fun way to bring archaeology, history, and cultural heritage to the public. At a fair, local archaeologists, museums, historical organizations, student groups, and re-enactors present hands-on activities and provide demonstrations of ancient technologies.

Fairs are generally free-flowing and run like an open house. All presenters are at their tables/booths for the allotted time and talk to visitors as they move around the fair.

Are you interested in organizing an archaeology fair?  Here’s how:

Organizing an Archaeology Fair

Note: the following schedule assumes about a year of lead time and attempts to spread out the work as much as possible. This schedule can be condensed as needed.

10-12 Months Before

6-10 Months Before

3-5 Months Before

2-3 Months Before

1-2 Months Before

4-6 Weeks Before

2-4 Weeks Before

1 Week Before

Day of the Fair

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