International Archaeology Day

What is Archaeology Day?

International Archaeology Day (IAD) is a celebration of archaeology and its contributions to society. Every October the AIA and archaeological organizations around the world present archaeological programs and activities for people of all ages and interests. Whether it is a family-friendly archaeology fair, a guided tour of a local archaeological site, a simulated dig, or a presentation from a visiting archaeologist, the interactive, hands-on IAD programs provide a chance to uncover the past and experience the thrill of discovery. Learn more!

Thank You

IAD 2020 was a celebration unlike any other in the ten-year history of the program. The AIA’s largest outreach initiative usually features hundreds of in-person archaeological activities, but celebrating IAD in the middle of a pandemic necessitated a complete rethinking of the program. This year we turned our focus from in-person events to mostly virtual ones. Site visits, museum tours, and archaeology fairs were replaced by virtual exhibits, self-guided driving tours, webinars, and home-based activities. Despite the restrictions and changes, the AIA and our collaborators provided programming to hundreds of thousands of participants and just as importantly, expanded IAD’s global reach. We would like to thank all our collaborators who displayed incredible creativity and resourcefulness in providing IAD programs and activities.

We will build on these efforts as we start planning for IAD 2021—October 16. We do not know what IAD 2021 will look like, but we do know that the AIA will once again be leading a global celebration of archaeology and our shared heritage.