Recent, Current, and Upcoming Museum Exhibitions

Announcements, and brief descriptions of recent, current, and upcoming museum collections, exhibitions, and resultant catalogues and publications, with links to relevant web pages.

El Paso Museum of Archaeology
October 30, 2012 - January 13, 2013
El Paso
Louisiana State Exhibit Museum
October 20, 2012
Gainesville Society and Eta Sigma Phi
October 17, 2012
North Carolina Maritime Museum
October 20, 2012
Friends of the El Paso Museum of Archaeology/Council of Texas Archaeologist
October 21, 2012
El Paso
Boston University Department of Archaeology
October 20, 2012
Mission San Luis
October 20, 2012
Maya Research Program and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
October 6, 2012 - October 27, 2012
Fort Worth