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July 13, 2011

2011-2012 APA/AIA Placement Service: Interim Procedures for Summer 2011 Announced

by Adam D. Blistein, APA Executive Director

The Joint Committee on Placement and APA Staff are developing a system that will bring greater automation to the process of registering candidates and institutions for the Service and of scheduling interviews at the 2012 Joint Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. We hope to have this system in place by the beginning of September. While this new system is being developed, the Service will operate in the following manner:

For candidates: Placement Director Renie Plonski will send an e-mail to all candidates registered for last year’s Service (2010-2011) stating that, unless they wish to discontinue their subscriptions, they will continue to receive e-mails around the 1st and 15th of each month containing all position listings recently submitted to the Service. Any new candidate who wishes to receive the semi-monthly e-mails may be added to the e-mail list at no charge by submitting that request to Renie ( Note: Once the new automated system is implemented, we will no longer use this interim e-mail list. All candidates wishing to participate in the 2011-2012 Service will need to register for it and pay the required fee.

For institutions: Complete the new registration form and submit it to the APA Office via mail, FAX (215-573-7874), or as an e-mail attachment ( along with the text of the advertisement and payment information. The form can be filled out online, but information entered into it cannot be saved. Institutions can print a completed form and scan it to submit an e-mail attachment. Institutions submitting listings during this interim period will not need to register once the automated system becomes available. Placement Service staff will enter their information into the new Placement database.

All institutional representatives and candidates should read the recently revised Placement Guidelines. Institutions must acknowledge that they have reviewed these Guidelines before they submit a position listing. In addition, institutions are urged to read the Reminders for Search Committees, and candidates, the Checklist of Advice for Job Candidates.

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