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April 12, 2012

2012 Milwaukee Archaeology Fair a Big Success!

1. Celtic warriors from Tribes of the Blue Rose show how fierce they are. Photo L. Ponto

For the third year in a row the AIA-Milwaukee Society teamed up with the Milwaukee Public Museum to present the Milwaukee Archaeology Fair to a crowd of ca. 2000 children, teachers, Boy and Girl Scout leaders, and families over two days. Presenters from nearby universities, museums, and archaeological organizations offered hands-on demonstrations and activities, and re-enactor groups gave the opportunity to meet and talk to ancient Greek hoplites, Roman legionnaires, tribal Celts, and Renaissance knights and ladies.

Visitors could play ancient games such as senet and knucklebones; learn to write their names in Chinese calligraphy, Latin, Greek or Cuneiform; make their own Medieval illuminated manuscript; or compare living conditions for Native Americans on the prairies of the Mid West with those of ancient Europeans living along the lakes of northern Europe. They could also find out why the Maya calendar does not predict the end of the world in 2012. Famed 19th century Wisconsin explorer Increase Lapham explained his methods for mapping mounds, and Fair-goers could guess the use of many artifacts in the museum by playing “What in the World?”  These are only some of the highlights from the more than twenty presentations and hands-on demonstrations each day at the third annual Milwaukee Archaeology Fair. 

We are looking forward to an equally exciting fourth annual fair in March of 2013.

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