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January 11, 2013

2013 AIA Election Results

Elizabeth Bartman was elected to her second term as AIA President at this year's Annual Meeting.

At the Council Meeting at the AIA’s Annual Meeting in Seattle on Saturday, January 5 2013, the following people were elected to serve the AIA in the following capacities:

AIA Governing Board:

Vice President for Research and Academic Affairs: Carla Antonaccio

Vice President for Professional Responsibilities: Laetitia La Follette

Treasurer: David Ackert

General Trustees: Deborah Lehr, Robert Rothberg

Academic Trustee: Derek Counts

Society Trustee: Becky Lao

2013 Nominating Committee:

Cathleen Asch (term two)

Robert Murowchick (term two)

Jodi Magness (term two)

Robyn Woodward (term two)

Jane Waldbaum (term one)

We congratulate the following members on their second terms:

President: Elizabeth Bartman

First Vice President: Andrew Moore

Vice President for Societies: Thomas Morton

General Trustees: Jeffrey Lamia, Elizabeth Macaulay, Paul Rissman, Fred Ashley White

Academic Trustee: Chen Shen

Society Trustee: Robert Littman

And we thank those who left the Board this year for their exemplary service:

John Younger, Vice President for Publications

Brian Heidtke, Treasurer

Michael Ambler, General Trustee

John Yarmick, General Trustee

Glenn Schwartz, Academic Trustee

Congratulations to all the winners; the AIA thanks them for their dedication to the Institute.

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