Photo Contest News

March 8, 2016

2016 Photo Contest Winners

After a week of voting, five winners have emerged in the AIA’s Fifth Annual Photo Contest.  This year’s contest included nearly 200 photo submissions in the following categories: Archaeological Landscapes, Monuments, Excavation, Field Life, and Fun Finds.  The 2016 submissions depicted archaeological sites in 27 different countries!  Click here to see all submissions.


Congratulations to all our winners!

Archaeological Landscapes

The Artemision

Ephesos, Izmir, Turkey

Nicolas Gail


The Mega Structure of Petra. Ad-Dair

Petra, Jordan

Ahmad, Hasanat


Excavation at the Curetes Street

Ephesus, Turkey

Niki Gail

Field Life

The Akropolis of Christos Effendi at Phaestos: waiting the end of the long, long day of work

Phaestos, Crete, Greece

Alessandro Greco

Fun Finds

19th-century half penny coin

Ontario, Canada

Lisa Milosavljevic

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