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January 1, 2021

2021 Annual Meeting Session Highlight: Entering the Field: Insights into the Interview Process

The 2021 Annual Meeting is just days away! Don’t forget to register so you can attend workshops such as “Entering the Field: Insights into the Interview Process!” This workshop, aimed at students and early career PhDs, seeks to offer tangible advice, tips, and suggestions for facing the interview process in the academic world.

Interviews are a key component of every stage of graduate studies and professional advancement. However, for prospective students, job candidates, and fellowship applicants, the interview process can often be daunting and opaque. Different positions require diverse interview formats, questions, and strategies, all of which can be difficult to navigate alone. From graduate schools to research positions, and academic jobs to grant proposals, the topics covered in this session will address the broad spectrum of interview experiences relevant to today’s young scholar. A panel of experienced professionals will share their own experiences, both as interviewees and as those on the other side of the table as interviewers, offering advice and insight to those seeking to enter the academic workplace in various capacities.

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