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June 14, 2023

2023 Society Outreach Grant Winners

Nashville: Meet an Archaeologist

The Nashville Society will host a host a three-part “Meet an Archaeologist” educational event featuring archaeologist Dr. Ioulia Tzonou for two in-person, hands-on, live educational events and one virtual event. This trifecta occurs during the Tennessee STEAM Festival & International Archaeology Day time frame, and provides programming adapted to key target audiences including children, families, adults, experts, and middle school students. The first program will serve a general public audience to offer real, meaningful connections to archaeologists and the field of archaeology, while the second will be held at a middle school to reach youth and invite them to consider archaeology as a career path. The third virtual event will be a public Symposium offered to experts and enthusiasts alike on the topic of a career as a Greek archaeologist working at a Greek archaeological site.

Tucson and Southern AZ: Experimental Archaeology and Red Figure Vase Painting

The Tucson and Southern AZ Society hosts a community workshop and colloquium led by Roberto Paolini, a guest artist from Cerveteri Italy. The artist demonstrates the traditional techniques of vase-painting on 1:1 scale replicas of both Greek and South Italian vases, as well as recreates a selection of Athenian vessels, focusing on bilingual vases (including the Andokides vessel from MFA) and on South Italian Vessels by the Painter of HImera. Three schools with Art programs in Tucson developed modules to be part of the workshop and additional visits for observation during the artist’s stay in Tucson. The students will also create pieces inspired by Greek vase painting techniques and fire them on in the Greek Kiln Replica in Tucson, itself the recipient of a Local Society Incentive Grant in 2004.

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